What events to attend in the fall

If someone believes that only summer was invented for recreation, this opinion can refute lovers of unusual holiday. After all, autumn holidays can be much more interesting and richer than summer. Although to each his own. Someone who likes to bask on the beach and sees in this a true vacation, and someone like holiday event, in which each camper tries to attend as many events and to witness the interesting event. But if the adherents of a beach holiday at any time of the year can find your beach, lovers of interesting events more limited, as many events are held only once a year. Because not far off the autumn, we will try to inspect upcoming events autumn that it would be interesting to visit.

Germany, Munich

The Oktoberfest Festival

20 September – 5 October

This annual event, which takes place in Munich on the Theresienwiese. Here every autumn come from all over the world lovers of beer, fun and German sausages. Each day will have the enchanting activities, among which the most striking are assumed: a festive parade through the main streets of Munich, the owners of the beer halls, the opening of the festival, which is traditionally marked by different the first keg of beer by the mayor of Munich; colorful costume parade in national costumes of the Central regions of Germany; Family day with rides and cute family competitions; traditional holiday concert ensembles Oktoberfest near the statue of Bavaria, meetings with the owners of the bright pavilions and closing of the festival with an unforgettable fireworks.

USA, new Jersey

Halloween zombie Parade

The night of 31 October to 1 November

This eerie event for fans of zombie films, fans of Left 4 Dead, Resident Evil and lovers of strange outfits that bring Halloween to the streets of the big city. If you dream to feel like a computer game character or the protagonist of the film about zombies, there is a chance to realize a dream. For this you need only to come in Asbury Park new Jersey on the night of 31 October to 1 November. Here you’re surrounded by maniacs, vampires, zombies and ghouls that came from all parts of the world, each of which is ready to become a character in a horror movie. All parade participants could adequately prepare for the holiday, for a whole month in stores of all countries of the world will be sold Halloween costumes and makeup.


The festival of lights Diwali

October 23 – October 27

In these you can watch the magic show, when thousands of candles and lanterns are lit in the streets, squares and houses, why even night becomes bright as day. The festival of lights falls on the month of Karthik, is celebrated throughout India, and is dedicated to the victory of light over darkness and good over evil. Holiday in India is prepared with the utmost care – the houses clean themselves, lit the lights. In every district of India the celebration of the festival has its own characteristics. So, in some areas, the festival marks the beginning of the new year; in the Central areas of the festival dedicated to the Goddess of wealth and fertility Lakshmi – consort of Vishnu; in the southern parts of India celebrate the victory of Lord Krishna over the demon narakusura; in the Eastern part of the country, the festival is dedicated to a Black Goddess Kali.

France, Paris

Festival wine harvest in Montmartre


This is an annual celebration of the French people in honor of the harvested crop, which attracts thousands of tourists and locals. For the French, this festival is the most sacred event of the year and takes several days in a row. During the festival the streets of Montmartre appear tasting stands with the best local wine and small markets where they sell local products. During the festival, interesting exhibitions, concerts, parades, tastings and sale of rare French wine tours wine routes, the fair at around Montmartre sacré Kerr and fireworks extravaganza.

UK, Isle of Wight, Newport

This is a festival of all sorts of fun, in which are large-scale carnivals, concerts and parades. It is considered the most important musical event of the island and is held at an amusement Park Robin Hill, where a lot of rides, music and joy, making this festival a family. This festival is known for its famous headliners and guest stars. This year the festival will feature: Beck, Outkast, Busta Rhymes, Chic, Basement Jaxx. Last festival was marked with performances by Fatboy Slim, Snoop Dogg and exclusive concert of sir Elton John. The festival has several stages and tents with dance music of famous DJs. It should be noted that Bestival is listed in the “Guinness Book of records” for the largest number of people in fancy dress.

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