Unusual world Championships


Clubbers and lovers of jokes, which is not amusing traditional festivals and holidays, are increasingly becoming the “parents” unusual Championships, which all show skill and strange talents of the participants.

The world championship drag wives

Big dreamers in this plan were “hot” the Finnish guys who had been hosted in the country world championship drag… wives or any female over the age of 17 years.

Grew out of ancient Finnish tradition of stealing brides extravagant championship drag wives today is a funny and sometimes dangerous spectacle, because the men lying on their backs favorite is a dangerous cross-country running, jumping over ditches, and crossing over the sand and water.

Championship on a throwing of mobile phones

However, the Scandinavians were not limited to this interesting event and, keeping pace with progress, came up with the championship on a throwing of mobile phones. Honour to host guests “athletes” from around the world are already not the first year is rewarded with the Finnish town of Savonlinna, where you can come without a projectile for throwing, because the organizers took care of everything.

Despite skutocnosti its core, the championship on a throwing of mobile phones has a code of rules and is conducted in several disciplines: the traditional mobile phone throwing shoulder, throwing in a free style, aesthetic and choreographic throwing. By the way, to participate in the championship can as individuals and teams, and in the latter case, the responsibility for the correctness of the selected inventory falls on the coach.

Throwing championship pumpkins

However, to throw, you can not only technical subjects, but also the gifts of nature, which in the American town of Nassau (Delaware) act pumpkins.

Exciting throwing championship pumpkins, first staged more than 20 years ago, every year in early November attracted the attention of tens of thousands of spectators and hundreds of participants.

Coming to the competition “athletes” bring both the pumpkins and the tools for their throwing, and including catapults and air cannons intricate designs.

Championship food wrenches

Not less than “brilliant” boasts invention Belarusian capital Minsk, where in automotive themed café “Garage” is not having analogues in the world championship on the food spanners . Taking place in two stages the competition in the first round selects the Dodgers, who with the help of a wrench for 80 seconds to empty a plate of spaghetti «Barrichello”. Receiving the intermediate awards a free portion of this signature dishes, the preliminary competition winners meet in the final, where the one who will cope with the task faster than the other, becomes the owner of the main prize — set of professional wrenches.

Championship show funny and emotional facial expressions

Annual funny tournament can boast of the inhabitants of a small British town of Egremont, where, during the Apple fair there is a national championship show funny and emotional facial expressions .

Recently this is a fun competition on the international level, because the desire to participate in it expressed the Australians, who, like the British, are competing in Korce grimaces in separate categories: men, women and children.

Skating Championships cheese

More than two hundred years lovers of extreme and funny actions are flocking to another English town Brockworth on the hill where the Cooper hill on the last Monday of may, a traditional skating Championships cheese .

Don’t cancel it even from the vagaries of the weather a fun competition in which the competitors run for rolling with a slope of 200 meters huge block of cheese that has no set rules, except that the winner is the one who catches pretty blurred dairy product.

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