Unusual national holidays and festivals

We all love holidays. Traditional holidays in Russia is New year, Christmas, February 23, March 8, may 9 and others. But for anybody a secret that every country has their own national holidays and festivals. And many of them are of particular interest due to its uniqueness and exclusivity.

In January, for example, in Bosnia, Serbia and Montenegro celebrate with an interesting name Tutsindan . (“Tuchin day” or “Fat day”).

This holiday is traditionally enjoyed children: they should not be punished, otherwise, according to legend, they will be naughty all year.

In Sweden in January to celebrate St. Knut’s Day (Tjugondag Knut).

On this day, discarded Christmas trees, and some districts are doing a Scarecrow, dressed him in rags and put near the door of a neighbor. The challenge caught the Scarecrow in “the embrace” – find prankster or throw it to another neighbor, so as not to cause people laugh the next morning.

There are traditional festivals, dressing up in medieval (and other) characters.

In Scotland there is the annual festival of Fire . when residents make a model Viking ship (with the dragon on the nose), they themselves are dressed as Vikings carry the ship to the sea, and then throw it about 1000 torches, thereby burning his huge wooden creation.

In Czech Republic there are five-petalled rose Festival . Here change is not in the Vikings, as in Scotland, as in knights, monks, medieval ladies and take part in medieval games (jousting tournaments, the game of “live chess”, etc.)

In September in more than forty countries celebrate the world day Pirates. Dress up in pirate costumes, talking exclusively to pirate lingo. And swallowed my shark, if this is not one of the favorite holidays of children fans of pirate stories.

A little about the celebrations associated with food and drink.

In Peru in February celebrating the Day of the cocktail “Pisco sour” .

Spain having fun during the Tomatina is throwing tomatoes (pre-mashed). In other southern countries, for example, in Italy, they throw oranges.

And in Mexico there the night of the Radishes . when the radishes need to cut a variety of interesting figures.

Another “edible” holiday – international egg day – a good excuse to have some fun for fans of egg dishes. The holiday was approved by the International Egg Commission and is celebrated on the second Friday of October.

And there’s Pancake Day . celebrated in Kansas. Women in aprons “arming” pans with pancakes and have to run a certain distance, while “baking” man, that is, tossing it up in the pan.

In England, however, also has a kind of race competition… with cheese. Head cheese is rolling down hill, and naive Englishmen trying to overtake her.

In Thailand even the monkeys are not boring lives: they collect Monkey Banquet . where they can have plenty to eat.

The Philippines is honoring piglets – they dress up in costumes, wear them with heels and show to your friends, thus the pigs deserve compliments.

However, national holidays is not only the food and the fire. In many countries they are associated with something bright and colorful.

In new Delhi, for example, there is the Festival of Colors . where residents love to drench each other with colored water.

A lot of interesting and traditional festive show.

Boston creative residents and visitors satisfied with March of the Zombies . All of these wonderful “creatures” allegedly go in search of potential victims.

And in Nebraska in the holiday Hens men dress in chickens, arrange real chicken show. Artists compete for the most beautifully painted roost.

In Canada and the U.S. 2 February celebrate Groundhog Day . who plays the role of “forecaster” predicts the onset of early/late spring. If he cleverly sits in a hole, hiding – the spring is late. If runs out of the mink – soon will come the spring! In Rome, by the way, as a “weatherman” at one time was the hedgehog.

Summer in Finland is celebrated holiday that fans love to sleep an extra hour or two – Day Sony . However, in this holiday, in fact, need to be very careful – for dormice cooked all sorts of surprises – your favorite household can “please” funny gags – for example, you run the risk of waking up in a puddle of water, smeared with toothpaste or you will wait for something a little brighter!

On the same Day, honoring Sonia . which is pre-selected. His sleeping, early morning, night clothes, thrown into the water. So, by the way, a cast of famous people – for example, mayors of cities.

Of course, all national holiday tradition not to mention. Everyone has their favorite international holidays, and you can base your small holiday festival. It would wish – but the possibility is always there. Good luck in your endeavors!

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