Top-15. The most exuberant and colourful festivals of the world

While began celebrating the festival of Holi is one of the most colorful and exuberant festivals – we have collected some more examples of wild and crazy festivals.

1. The Holi Festival

2. Festival of flour Galaxidi

In a small port city in Northern Greece, hundreds of people gather every year to take part in huge battles in flour. This day, ironically called Clean Monday falls in February.

3. The Tomatina Festival

One of the most famous and violent, and many high-profile festivals in Spain, this event is not for the faint of heart – all throw tomatoes. Don’t wear your weekend things. Held on the last Wednesday of August in the city Bunol, near Valencia.

4. Punkin Chunkin, USA

Punkin Chunkin is a sport involving throws pumpkin as far as possible by mechanical means. Used devices of varying degrees of complexity, including slingshots, catapults and even a pneumatic cannon. Various informal competitions held in the United States, but the most serious – the world championship Punkin Chunkin held in Delaware.

5. The battle of oranges, Northern Italy

The biggest food fight in Italy, it is quite fiercely fought battle happens every year. Please note: helmets required, which are used for protection. Not fall under the citrus crossfire.

This fight, believed to be of medieval origin, the true roots of which are lost in time.

6. International day against pillows

Not as dirty – from the perspective of spots – this event still looks spectacular. Rooted in a flash mob against the pillows, the festival has spread, and now many cities around the world people take part in it, from Amsterdam to Zurich. This year it will be held on Saturday, April 6.

7. Mud festival Boryeong

This annual festival occurs in the summer months in Boryeong, a town 150 km South of Seoul, the capital of South Korea. It was first organized in 1990, and currently attracts millions of visitors.

8. Glastonbury

While the dirt is not the main condition of the loudest music festival, during the rainy summer (i.e. during most of them) they can turn into a mud bath. Expect to see a lot of hipsters.

9. Klosterkirche skating cheese

This event in rural Gloucestershire can be messy for several reasons. Obviously, it must be taken into consideration terrain…

10. Klosterkirche skating cheese

…and when there is a serious bias on the part of one of the participants, in pursuit of a round double klosterkirche cheese they can slide down the slope. Usually the festival is held on the last Monday of May.

11. The Monkey festival buffet, Thailand.

Held annually, this festival involves the provision of food, vegetables and beverages for local monkeys in Lopburi province. Although opportunities for messy enough, some of the monkeys seem to be reasonable in its refined eating behavior. More information: Thailand tourism board.

12. A pie-eating contest

This happens at many local fairs, especially in North America. This particular festival was held in the state of Michigan. More information: USA cookery courses.

13. Songkran, Thailand

This festival is held during the Thai new year, usually in the hottest time throughout the calendar, so the water spray, which traditionally takes place and attracts many more foreigners, especially in Chiang Mai – comes as a real relief.

14. Las Fallas, Valencia

An exciting event by any measure, Las Fallas creates a huge amount of unrest, when incinerated at the end of the statue after a few days extravaganza of fireworks and high decibel.

15. The Batalla del Vino Rioja

Our final festival is held in Spain, where there is a lot of exciting violent events. It’s like fighting in water, but with a little more stubborn stains. Rioja holds this festival St. Peter’s Day, 29 June.

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