Top 10 most unusual festivals in the world


Most of us love the holidays and pleasure to congratulate friends, family and colleagues a happy New year, happy birthday, the Eighth of March, and Valentine’s Day. But there is light at the holidays, which in Russia is practically not known. Meanwhile, they also are full of character, ancient customs, and at times a huge scale. Today we offer to Your attention the Top 10 most unusual in the world of holidays .

10. Holiday hens in the U.S. state of Nebraska.

The festival takes place every summer in the town of Wayne and entirely devoted to honoring the feathered inmates of the chicken coop. Men dress up in costumes of the chickens and serve in a colorful show. In the square erected a splendid roost. The only event, upsetting the heroines of the event, this competition is eating chicken wings.

9. Monkey Banquet in the province of Lopburi, Thailand.

Every year the locals prepare food from fruit and vegetables, taste from the nearby forests which run more than 600 primates. The festival is dedicated to Lord Rama, whom the monkey army helped win a number of brilliant victories.

8. Tomatina in the Spanish village of buñol.

Tomatina in Spain

Tomato massacre – one of the most fun and popular fiestas in Spain. Every year in buñol attracts about 35 thousand people to fight using not less than 100 tons of ripe tomatoes. To avoid injury, before you throw tomatoes should stretch his hands. After the fun area, wash with water hoses.

7. Holi — the festival of colors in new Delhi.

This ancient Indian festival celebrates the onset of spring, the expulsion of evil and the restoration to life. The festivities begin on the new moon and last for 2 days. The apotheosis of fun – it’s a folk festival, during which all watered each other with colored water and showered with bright colored powders.

6. Day of Herring in Kaliningrad.

The holiday is celebrated every year, although he is almost unknown in other parts of the country. On the second Saturday of April through the streets of the city is a festive procession, local cooks prepare many treats, naturally, using herring, and in the evening residents and guests attend a gala concert.

5. Japanese naked Holiday.

The tradition to celebrate this holiday originated in 767 year. About three thousand men, dressed only in loincloths, undergo a rite of purification in the temple, and then go around the city, where they can touch anyone. It is believed that touching a naked man removes the troubles and misfortunes.

4. Neapolitan Pizzafest – feast pizza.

The celebration of the traditional Italian dishes are held since 1995. Master pizza maker (pizzaiolo)from around the world gather in Naples to demonstrate their skills.

3. Mexican Day of drunks.

The holiday is celebrated on 20 may, but the authorities have no activities no relation, but that wasn’t surprising. The tradition began in 2005 in the Mexican community of Internet bloggers.

2. Day red in the Dutch city of Breda.

The festival gathers more than 5,000 red-haired participants from 40 countries. Every year at the end of festivities published book of images, in which more than a hundred pictures exceptionally red people. The organizers are confident that this festival is the most vibrant, positive and Sunny.

1. Citron – French Day of the orange.

The festival takes place on the French Riviera in Menton. The city is decorated with sculptures made from oranges, lemons, limes, and grapefruits. This year in Menton came more than 200 thousand people.

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