The world’s Most famous Italian music festival

Festival in San Remo

In 2009 the festival in San Remo went for the fifty-ninth year. So very soon this true celebration of Italian pop songs will celebrate its 60th anniversary. Since the stage as immutable, and so famous, at least for all Italians, the Ariston theater /ital. Aristion/ sounded more than 1500 songs performed by hundreds of artists. And it’s not just numbers, it’s destiny, career, UPS and downs, discovering talents, idols and stars, after all, many famous performers debuted in the seaside town of San Remo /Italy. Sanremo/.

This is a magical, fascinating for the Italians show, when for a few days every year, half of the country sticks to the TV screens and a fan favourite by. These days are very often among friends, acquaintances, colleagues or relatives, you can hear conversations about who this time will choose who will be the winner. Everyone has their favorites, everyone has their own preference, but very often the favorites are shown from the very beginning. And then we all take a more active discussion, no, no, no, of course wins Marco, no, no, not Sergio and Donatella… of Course, would it be wrong to say that all of Italy dies down and rushes to the TV, as if in the world Cup final played against Italy with France, not exactly, but still, any competition San Remo, always caused, is causing and will cause a great interest. And for a few days it becomes the main honey-event in Italy. Of course, the organizers of the festival, try very hard to maintain the sympathy of the Italians to this competition, it doesn’t always work at 100%, but in varying degrees, almost every Festival in San Remo opens new stars on the horizon of Italian pop.

Still it’s a competition, a kind of tournament Italian artists, both beginners and already known and is quite fashionable social events, in terms of reflecting the latest trends and trends not only in music but also in costume.

Invited VIPs Shine impeccable Armani suits /Italian. Armani is a famous fashion designer/, and ladies and girls, of course, sparkling diamonds Bulgari /ital. Bulgari – famous fashion house of Luxury/. Each event will be invited stars of film, television, theatre. Who have expressed their opinion about the event. Among them, were not so long ago and Carlo Verdone /ital. Carlo Verdone/, and Roberto Benigni /ital. Roberto Benigni/. Not rarely out of their mouths sound and criticisms addressed to the organizers and the organizers of the Festival. One of odious figures show, it certainly Pippo Baudo /ital. Pippo Baudo, all anagrafe Giuseppe Raimondo Vittorio Baudo/ whose identity was almost always comes under criticism from the viewers. “The man with the world’s longest hands”, so sometimes I like to call it some Italians.

If you look closely, not even very much, you really want to stress the fact that the hands of the Pinot disproportionately long in relation to the figure. However, this does not prevent him for many years to be one of the undisputed leading competition. Yes, and such details do not strongly affect the quality of the show itself. In to co-host Pippo very often, as it is generally adopted on Italian TV, invite gorgeous, very beautiful ladies. So, in 2007-m to year together with Pippo Festival shined on the stage of incomparable beauty Michele Hunziker /Michelle Hunziker – top model, actress, TV presenter. Michele – popular Swiss actress, model, singer and a talented presenter on Italian and German television. From 1998 till 2002-second year she was the wife of Eros Ramazzotti /ital. Eros Ramazzotti is an Italian popular singer and composer/. Himself Pippo already came out on stage in San Remo as the lead back in 1968, but in recent years, despite the fact that it has more than 70 years, he continues in a peculiar manner.

Artistic, the Director of 59th Festival also appointed one of the most famous television presenters Paolo Bonolis /ital. Paolo Bonolis/. Almost every evening he welcomed a multimillion-dollar Italian audience from the TV screen, leading to numerous shows and participating in many programs.

The latest winner of the festival in 2009 was a young talented performer Marco Map /ital. Marco Carta/ not much gifted with a beautiful voice, much charm and ability to win, not this quality can be attributed to almost all Italians. But all the same his song “My strength” /ital. “La forza mia””


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