The May 1 Holiday, its history and traditions

The history of this Grand celebration on 1 May, which was called the Day of solidarity of workers, dates back to July 1889. Currently the name of the holiday, labor Day and spring.

The history of the holiday on may 1

At a time when the international Congress II took, as they say, the fateful decision of whether to annually celebrate may 1, the entire international proletariat. According to the participants of the Congress, this day should be dedicated to the memory of the heroic struggle of ordinary American workers in Chicago against the exploiters and capitalists.

For the first time the Communists celebrated on May 1 in an even year 1890 in the Polish capital Warsaw. In the Soviet Union, may day, was actually a traditional public holiday, which is loved not only for his solidarity with the working people all over the world, but for the fact that all the may holidays, including the Day of Victory, the workers were given a great opportunity to remember all the labor traditions. Also, people reminisced about the past war.

The may 1 holiday celebration traditions

The countries that belonged to the former East democracy, have long been accepted in unions such as the EC and NATO. They have long forgotten that in such a festive day, as 1 May have dressed up, with flowers large pillars to pass by standing in the stands with the party bosses.

In the countries of the former USSR are all a little different. For example, in Kazakhstan may day is celebrated as the Day of unity of peoples living in Kazakhstan. In Ukraine, especially in Kiev in this festive day, a Communist holiday to come to the area, and the rest of the people go into the woods for a picnic.

The tradition of celebrating – may day

In some countries, such a Grand celebration as of May 1, still occupies a place of public celebration. For example, in South Africa’s Day of workers ‘ solidarity is conducted under the strict auspices of the authorities. All trade unions of the state and organize exhibitions of products of folk art, also arranged the sale of various products has been considerably reduced prices. Sometimes there are performances of Amateur groups or professional music groups.

Pragmatic Americans 1 May work as always. Many countries in Europe also support hard-working American workers. That’s just in one country – England may day is a legal holiday. In 1977, at a time when the labour party was still in power, this date became a national holiday. Naturally this caused the conservatives a real shock.

In St. Petersburg only in 1891 was held on the first may day. Then in 1897 the annual may day began to be political, and therefore be accompanied by regular mass demonstration performances. In 1917 may 1 for the first time celebrated solemnly and openly. Fully in all cities of the country hundreds of thousands of workers took to the streets, promoting slogans of the Communist party such as “All power to the Soviets” or “Down with the capitalist Ministers”.

The name of the holiday

Labor day and spring.That’s only according to the Ukrainian Codex of laws on labor, adopted on 12 December 1971, there is a rule which States that 1 and 2 may constitute an official holiday. Of course nowadays there is no Grand parades with the promising slogans. All the people gather companies and go on a picnic somewhere on the nature.

Many believe that it is sinful in this labor Day and spring to relax.

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