the magic of drawings on the water for any holiday

You are looking for an unusual gift for a wedding, children’s party, anniversary or corporate party? “Holiday Studio” offers a new idea show Ebru. This ancient art of painting on water that will not leave anyone indifferent. Ebru — a perfect gift for any occasion!

Ebru – the technique of painting with special paints on the surface of the water. The artist creates unique paintings in front of an enthusiastic audience, and then transfers them to paper. The drawing process can be displayed on the screen.

Ebru wedding: let’s draw a story of love on the water

For the most tender and romantic day need something special. Magic show Ebru will be an original gift for newlyweds and will make your wedding celebration unforgettable. Especially because the bride and groom can participate in creating a unique pattern on the water.

To present the show Ebru in a wedding gift in several ways:

— a Performance artist with water animation. The wizard creates a picture of the music broadcast on the screen: draws love-story pairs or accompanies greetings parents, friends.

Creating one big picture – a gift from all the guests. Each of those present in turn “draws” his wish for a pair, and then the master puts it to paper.

— Create water animation bride and groom. A couple in love can paint a picture or separate for each of its halves, transferring colors feelings.

All images are transferred onto the paper and handed the newlyweds as talismans of love and of family happiness.

Water animation for children’s party

Want to give children a fairy tale? Let’s give them a show Ebru! Because the animation on the water – it is magical. Ebru is suitable for any children’s party and will be one of the highlights of the celebration.

The painting on the water will delight little fidgets. Still, after the artist turns heel paint on the intricate patterns, cartoon characters, cars, flowers… Children, with bated breath, to watch every movement of the brush of the master, and in the air will soar magic!

As a result, the child, if he will offer himself to draw his picture on the water! It is possible for the master class Ebru. What it is a master-class water animation for a children’s party and its features than read here.

Dance of colors on the water as a gift for an anniversary

All think, than to surprise the celebrant? Show Ebru is a perfect gift for men and for women of any age. The animation on the water can decorate the program of the anniversary at home or in a cafe, creating a special, magical atmosphere.

Show Ebru is not only a mesmerizing dance of colors. When the artist brings to the surface a sheet of paper — printed on it a unique pattern. It will not be able to repeat any wizard in the world! Unless something could be better than exclusive gift created in front of the celebrant and his guests?

Drawing on the water: an unusual gift for a corporate event

Ebru perfectly complement the corporate in honor of the birthday of the company or the professional holiday. The program may consist not only of the speech of the artist who creates the music is incredibly beautiful picture. Each employee gets the opportunity to feel like a magician and to paint your masterpiece on the water! You can even arrange a competition to create a company logo in the technique of water animation.

Ebru as a gift for corporate celebration will inspire employees!

How to order the show on Ebru party in Kiev

Interested in water animation? Email or call us and we will invite to your holiday the best Aqua painter of the capital!

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