The Italian carnivals


Italian carnivals have a religious basis. Many Catholic countries celebrate this holiday.

Let us first razberemsa, where did the word carnival, or carnevale in Italian? Its roots from the Latin ” carnem levare “, which means “to remove meat”. Why this name? In ancient times it was a Banquet which was organised on the last day of the carnival period (“fat Tuesday or martedì grasso”), after which began a period of restriction and fasting, which lasted until Holy Pascha.

Some carnivals in Italy

The largest and most famous carnivals are held in the following cities: Venice (Veneto ), Viareggio (Tuscany ), Ivrea (Piedmont ), Satriano di Lucania (Basilicata ), Acireale (Sicily ), Macca (Sicily ), Fano (Marche ), Manfredonia (Puglia ), Putignano (Puglia ), Striano (Campaign ). Their fame has reached far beyond the borders of Italy and attracts huge number of tourists.

The longest carnival in Italy is held in the city of Putignano, and one of the most ancient carnivals, extant in Verona. its history began with the late middle ages and it bears the original name – Bacan àl del Gnoco .

Venice carnival is famous for its magnificent masks and costumes, as well as various displays: arts, fashion, theatrical performances.

The carnival in Viareggio was founded in 1873 and is one of the grandest in the world. The main feature of the festival is a huge platform with dolls from papier-mache, moving through the streets of the city on Sundays in the period from January to February. These dolls usually depict well-known figures: culture, theatre and political, ridiculing their characteristics and negative sides.

Historical carnival in Ivrea zamenit its culminating event – orange battle.

Carnivals in Manfredonia and Putignano are the largest in Apulia. The main attraction of the carnival of Manfredonia is the so-called “Parade of dreams”, which involves tysice children of the city. Carnival originated in 1952.

Carnival city Makka is the oldest in Sicily. its roots go back to the days of the Roman Empire. Today, the carnival is known for its mobile platforms with large puppets papier mache, moving through the historical centre, surrounded by a large number dressed in masks of actors, performing songs and dancing to traditional music.

Another famous carnival, recognized as the most beautiful in Sicily. takes place in the city of Acireale. He izvestnim huge mobile platforms with dolls and decorated with fresh flowers.

This is just a small number of the most beautiful and memorable carnivals in Italy.

Best of the best carnivals of Italy

This list describes the carnivals that attract the largest number of people and being “the best” according to some criterion:

Carnival in Fano (Marche ) – the most ancient after the Venetian ;

The carnival in Viareggio (Tuscany ) – the largest mobile platform with dolls in the world;

Of the composition in Acireale (Sicily ) is the most ancient and important carnival in Sicily ;

Carnival in Satriano di Lucania (Basilicata ) is the brightest in Basilicata ;

Carnival in Castrovillari (Calabria) – winner of the Golden tree “Awards culture”;

Carnival in Castel Goffredo (Lombardy) – “the Kingdom of corona Gnocco”;

Carnival in Putignano (Puglia ) to the oldest and most important carnival in the region;

The carnival in Ivrea (Piedmont )- investmen its “orange battle”;

Carnival of Manfredonia (Puglia ) – known for his “Parade of dreams”;

Carnival of Venice (Veneto ) – the main carnival Italy;

Carnival in Tempio Pausania (Sardinia) – the main carnival of the island.

See the article about the traditional sweets during the period of the carnival.

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