The city’s inhabitants

In Tver DK ” dissatisfied” completed the IV international youth festival of short cinema and animation “METERS-METERS”.

A similar event in Tver should not pass unnoticed for several reasons. The most important of them: the festival provides a unique opportunity to see short films ( under 15 minutes), created by young filmmakers from around the world

At the opening of the event was filled with joyful, energized, and festival organizers who want to make everything better, rapidly plied guests. Before entering the hall was organized mini-photo Studio, where everyone could take pictures with the living symbol of the festival – the man with the head-a camera – Camerapedia.

In addition, in anticipation of demonstrations all three days of the festival guests could appreciate the exhibition of paintings of young artists from Tver, and also to consider and purchase your favorite products from the masters of various crafts.

Generally, on days of festival DC ” dissatisfied” turned into a Playground for creativity and exchange of experience. By the way, shared it among themselves not only the participants, the real gift in the form of its master classes in acting, contemporary cinema, documentaries, and animation to all fans of motion picture arts presented and professional members jury: President of the jury and theater actor, theater Director and documentary films, participant of Russian and international festivals, film forums Alexander Tyapov; film and television Director, music video Director, actor, producer Stanislav Dovzhik; German animation Director, participant of many international festivals and exhibitions of contemporary art and cultural exchanges Valerie Shlee and theatre actor, film actor, Director, teacher GITIS Alexey Markov.

Before the opening ceremony of the festival, the film festival Director Julia Bykova and members of the jury held a press conference. In particular, at the meeting they told me that this year they will have to rate 70 movies young authors aged 18 to 35 years. This time in the other 23 countries participating in its work was also represented by Directors from Japan, Mexico and Estonia.

Journalists asked the participants of the press conference, what is, in their view, ” good movie”. Julia Bykova said that for her the most important thing that the film was interesting, for Stanislaus Dovzhik – exciting, addictive. Valerie Shlee, to name the film ” good” should, ” believe the author”, and Alexander Tyapov sure that the film should be memorable, ” he should not dissipate in the head as soon as I leave the hall, and he should not forget it the next day”.

The jury agreed that the evaluation of important film in the first place, the story itself, the essence of the work. So, Stanislav Dovzhik said:

– If the first three minutes of me ” hooked”, I’m not going to watch movies on. Now anyone can make a movie on your iPhone, and therefore at the forefront of the story.

Summarizing, we note that guests of the festival – Tver the audience was able to learn what they think contemporaries that they were worried about. The film is not only the idea, even the way he cleared, displays the mood and thoughts of the author. Pleased to note that the public interest in the festivals of short films is increasing every year. Because young Directors shoot feature and documentary films, animation, experimental and music films, many of which raise important social problems, ” scan” of reality.

Such events create a circle of interested people who wish to understand not only themselves but also their environment.

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