The brightest event of the year!


Friends, here come the spring, and we, the students of the glorious city of Sevastopol, looking forward to the brightest and coolest event of the year – University stage of students ‘ Republic of SevNTU. The festival, which has already become traditional, will be held may 1-2 at the recreation center “Horizon”. This year the Republic will be a lot of unexpected innovations and outstanding events, one of which will be a return to the format of a 48 hours non-stop. Also, let’s not forget about traditional components, such as: economic game, political game, the festival part and a lot of trainings.

This year the project is conducted by the Student Council of SevNTU and CDF vmoo “Studrespublika”. The event is sponsored by the Ministry of education and science, youth and sports of Ukraine, Sevastopol national technical University in the person of the rector of Krameria Vadim Alexandrovich and the rector Evgeny Pashkov V., vmoo “Studrespublika” in the face of Finansovo Paul and Alexander Scherba, CDF vmoo “Studrespublika” in the face of Gribachev Eugene, Student SevNTU.

And for those who still do not know what Studrespublika…

Student Republic is an international program, held annually in 27 regions of Ukraine (24 oblasts, Autonomous Republic of Crimea, Sevastopol and Kiev), the number of participants which thousands of active young people.

Student Republic is a peculiar megapascal consisting of role plays, seminars and workshops, sports competitions and subjectively (festival of Amateur videos, quests, photoquest, intellectual game “mafia”, dance marathon), held in the format of non-stop within 2-3 days.

Student Republic is a state model, which has its own anthem, flag, borders, currency, the authorities, the court, the Registrar, the security service, its laws, etc. Become a resident of this country can be anyone who decides to sign up and participate in building an independent student state. Every citizen of this country has the right to be elected student body President, become a member of the student Council and organize your business.

Student Republic is a role – playing game in which everyone can fulfil their potential and to try myself in any role (lawyer, businessman, journalist, politician, etc.).

Student Republic is an open communication platform, which annually discusses trends, prospects and possible scenarios of development of the city. Search and discussion of current issues future development of the city. The participation of leading Ukrainian and foreign experts in the process.

Studrespublika is a sea of Positivity, Creativity and Good feelings.

Besides the fact that this is an interesting and useful model game for youth, Studrespublika – seminars, competitions, intellectual games, and more. Don’t forget, of course, that this healthy outdoor recreation in the circle of active youth, interesting and respected people, experts in different issues.

Studrespublika is a non – profit private project for young people who want to develop, gain new valuable experience, meet new people, both in its environment and among the invited guests.

This is an opportunity to spend a great and unforgettable 2 days in the nature, instead of the hot and stuffy city.

Studrespublika is a project that everyone sees differently. It is important for each with something unique set of circumstances and events. There happens that will never meet in real life. This model of reality in which everyone can fulfil their potential and earn respect, or Vice versa, to show the passivity and unwillingness to take an active position in life.

And, according to the highest standards – Student Republic is captivating something. Genuine. Unique. Sincere. impregnated with this spirit of fraternity and mutual assistance.

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