The Azalea Festival in the city of Tatebayashi

Colorful the Azalea festival is held annually in the city of Tatebayashi, Gunma Prefecture. Thousands of tourists and residents of Japan are eager to get into this famous city of azaleas, known since the Edo period. 10,000 azaleas 50 kinds of important decoration of the festival. It takes place in the period from 15 April to 15 may.

A little about azaleas

Azalea, or rhododendron, of the Heath, is considered to be one of the most ornamental shrubs decorating the house with bright blooms in the darkest time of the year and enjoying the abundance of flowers, which literally can not see the leaves.

Flowering species and varieties of azaleas native to China, Japan, Southeast Asia, Europe and North America. The most valuable are varieties grown from the species of Indian rhododendron and rhododendron Simms, large flowers blooming in the winter until early spring. The Japanese azaleas flowers small, it blooms in April, and sometimes at Christmas. In Eastern countries Azalea is a symbol of joy, peace and freedom.

Azalea is a very capricious plant and at the slightest deviation in the care ceases to bloom and may even die. She doesn’t like too hot sun. The cool, moist air and shade – that’s what you want her to be happy.

Tended with care, Azalea year blooms all magnificent. After flowering should be cut all the spent flowers and thickened shoots (caution: rhododendrons may contain toxic substances!). To form a lush Bush pruning of shoots needed several times in early summer. Also pinch out young shoots formed just before or during flowering.

Azaleas love the light to partial shade, but can not stand the sun. Keep it cool (autumn and winter 5-10 degrees to the aging of the buds, when swelling buds 18 degrees) and lots of fresh air, since early may, the plant can be kept outdoors in partial shade.

Watering the plant should be soft water, avoiding over watering or dryness of the earth. In summer, abundant watering in the fall for the formation of buds watering should be reduced. Spring and summer need spraying. In summer, once a month, place the pot briefly in a bucket of water, wait for draining excess fluid and put it back exactly as he was standing on the window (try to mark the pot with duct tape), otherwise a change of position in relation to light can cause leaf fall.

Young plants are transplanted each year old – time in 2-3 years. When transplanting azaleas undesirable to disturb the root ball (as the roots are beneficial soil fungi), instead of transplanting recommended handling with the addition of fresh substrate. In the period from February to August azaleas should be fed.

When the temperature is too high and the air is dry, Azalea spider mites is affected, which can lead to yellowing and leaf fall. Spider mite or red spider is a very small sucking pest that forms on the underside of leaves interweaving of thin white strands.

In this case you need to wash the leaves and spray the plant with a special herbal solution. Treatment by chemicals because of their toxicity undesirable in a residential area, so prepare and use drugs from plants: decoctions and infusions of tobacco, onion, garlic, pepper, yarrow, calendula, etc. Increase the frequency of spraying not only the plant itself but also the space around it.

Azaleas suitable for creating bonsai, but keep in mind that the trunk of the plant is quite brittle and when bent it is necessary accurately to maintain hands. In the fall of manicured azaleas give the desired shape and transplanted into the pots for bonsai.

Growing azaleas – a troublesome thing, but it’s nothing compared to the joy you will bring gorgeous flowers that come on your window sills from the mountain tops.


Location . bright diffused light, partial shade.

Watering . summer and winter – hearty. Only soft water.

Humidity: frequent spraying. During flowering is not sprayed to avoid the appearance of spots on the flowers.

Temperature . summer 16-18, 12-15 winter C. Autumn – during the initiation and development of flower buds. At this time maintain the temperature of 6-8 degrees, then after 1.5-2 months it increased to 12-15 degrees. Make a summer plant in the air, protected from drafts and direct sun.

Transplantation . young plants are transplanted each year in the spring after flowering, adults – every 2-3 years. Use a flat pots, because the root system is shallow, cuttings.

Pruning . in spring, pinch, pinched last in may because in June formed flower buds.

Top dressing . spring-summer – 1 time a week fertilizer for azaleas (ammonium sulfate, ammonium nitrate, superphosphate, potassium sulfite), winter-fall – during budding is recommended superphosphate.

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