The 11 most famous carnivals


Brazilian carnival

The most famous carnival in the world is annually held here on the streets of Rio de Janeiro. So to speak, Carnaval Samba rhythms, fiery and beautiful Latin dance. The carnival is headed by the “Princess” of Samba, each carrying the flag for their school. Male and female dancers in very revealing costumes, the glitter, the atmosphere is fun and festive splendor everywhere! In the city throughout the week a fancy – dress balls, contests, dances and costumes, concerts. The cost of participation in the carnival is from 250 to 600 dollars.

This is the February miracle takes place in New Orleans (French quarter). The main difference from all the other noisy and sparkling extravaganzas is that it is unpredictable. Half-naked girls toss into the crowd with colored beads, to collect which becomes for the participants just a matter of principle!

Venetian miracle carnival

Love of life soaked in the atmosphere of this holiday. The main figure of the occasion is His Majesty the King. The parade of flowers and flower battles – the required components of a French carnival. The carnival held in nice from mid-February to 4 March.

Swiss carnival

Night romance with lighted lanterns, the magnificent parade with drummers and flutists, fun entertainment for children and evening of madness for adults. The carnival held in Basel, is celebrated for two days.

German carnival

Despite some pedantry of this people, carnival is pretty fun. Especially active women, November 11, at 11 o’clock and the same number of minutes “capture” the city hall of Cologne telling about the beginning of the holiday. Spirits, ghosts, caricaturisation figures politicians take an active part in the festive procession. Prudent men wear these days just paper ties, otherwise it is easy to part with especially favorite article of clothing right on the street. Their war trophies enterprising young women cling on carnival costumes.

Carnival in Goa

Heralds of carnival vintage Portuguese music. If You happen to visit Goa during the carnival, you should be ready that you will sprinkle colored powder or pour colored water. All this means a wish of joy and success in the coming year. Therefore, not to have to go home, like a living rainbow, it is advisable to stock up a change of clothes. It is useful to you DEFINITELY.

The fun continues for three days. After the day’s battles, tired but happy people heading to watch the fireworks.

Santa Cruz de Tenerife

The history of this festival dates back to the time of Philip IV, when during the wedding taking place on these Islands, men and women changed clothes, and the king and Queen dressed in simple peasant. Since then, the tradition of festive folly remain unchanged. This carnival to match its Brazilian counterpart. The party starts at 8pm and continues till the morning. There have been cases when the number of participants reached 200 thousand.

The end of this carnival marks the beginning of preparation to the next.

Colombian carnival

It takes place in the city of Barranquilla. It combines Afro-Indo-European tradition, through which takes pride of place alongside such as the Brazilian carnival and Mardi Gras. The feast begins with the selection of the carnival Queen. After her coronation, the holiday is considered open. Costume show, a parade of colors, all kinds of contests – that’s what the carnival in Barranquilla.

“The greatest show on earth”

This is when the carnival is held on the Islands of Trinidad and Tobago. Originally the island was a French colony, so in its present form, the carnival is the personification of French sophistication and Caribbean expression. This carnival cannot exist without the famous “Calypso”. The carnival begins with the selection of the king and Queen of Calypso. Then the party turns into a truly thrilling action. Everywhere sounds of carnival music, beat drums and everything is painted in bright colors. Seem to look in the huge kaleidoscope where all the surrounding plays the role of beads.

Truly spectacular, which is not a pity to cross half the world!

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