Thailand: festivals and holidays


Vacation in Thailand is good at any time of year, because you can be a state witness, Buddhist or global events, and, believe me, is unforgettable! Thailand holidays follow one another and the Thais love to relax…Although, perhaps, as all people in the world.

Mother’s day, birthday of His Majesty, Chinese festivals, Buddhist lent, so all the current world holidays…the Exception is 8 – th of March and 23rd of February. Well, the Thais do not celebrate these holidays….But there is a day «the first furrow» «bird day»!

Vacation in Thailand – it «a holiday that is always with you».

We will tell only about the most significant and interesting. Planning a vacation in Thailand, you can try to arrive just under one of them.

«Songkran» – the Thai New year. Yes, Thais celebrate the New year 3 times – with us (Europeans), then with the Chinese, and finally his own, highly original and unlike anything. It «water madness», extravaganza of joy and cleansing, and new life. «Songkran» is the most beautiful, long and important Thai holiday! You will receive the congratulations of all the methods «pouring»: of a bucket, a hose, a water gun, or just scoop out of the barrel. It is believed that with this water a person is bestowed a blessing for the whole year. Who knows, maybe it is. No surprise that the Thais are one of the most cheerful people in the world.

King’s birthday – a perfect holiday! The Holy king as a manifestation of the divine will on earth. Each anniversary of his birth is a minimum of 3 days off. Holidays in Thailand can «extend» also due to the Day of the Coronation and the wedding Day of His Majesty.

«Loy Krathong» – the festival of floating lanterns. Holiday dreams and desires. In November, the day of the full moon all Thais stocking «boats» from flowers and candles and launch them all accessible waters, releasing, thus, all our sins and sorrows. And they start the paper lanterns that fly in the sky, along with «attached» desires to them. So lively and touching celebration.

«Maha Puja» – beautiful religious holiday and is celebrated on the full moon of February in honor of the great Buddha’s sermons, to hear which gathered more than a thousand of his followers. This is the day to unleash the birds from their cages and in the temples from morning to night prayers go. You can visit one of the nearby temples and see the slender ranks of the monks at prayer.

What else you can catch:

Elephant festival (North of Thailand) – a magnificent procession of several dozen animals.

Fool Moon Party (Koh Phangan) – famous discos on the beach, once a month during the full moon.

The week the river Kwai (province of Kanchanburi) – the main holiday Playground is this historic bridge over the river. Stunner!

Festivals of colors (Chiang Mai) is a colorful festival that allows you to see the composition of thousands of colors. Chiang Mai these days, like a «washes» dew, bloom and fragrance filled life.

Chinese vegetarian festival (Phuket) – famous parade, in which participants demonstrate the insensitivity of the body to pain. Participants enter into a trance «Chinese shamans», who walk together. The celebration will surprise you with an abundance of food and sweets.

The festival of fruit (province of Chanthaburi, Trat, Rayong) – fruit «madness»!

The holiday town of Ayutthaya is the ancient capital of Thailand. The city is protected by UNESCO since 1991, the program «World Heritage» and since then, every year in mid-December where you can see colorful performances and events.

Holidays in Thailand can prove to be unforgettable. Choose an interesting event and fill not only the sound of the surf and the warmth of the sun, and amazing culture, warm Asian hospitality and their Buddhist calm. Your stay in Thailand – you choose.

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