Spectacular event awaits the youth

Vladivostok, December 10, PrimaMedia. Bright and unforgettable event will take place in 2015 in Primorye. 15 to may 20, Vladivostok will become the student capital of Russia and will take more than two thousand young, talented kids from all over the country. “Russian student spring-2015” will be the largest youth event in the history of the Far East. About this journalist. RIA PrimaMedia was told by the Director of the Department of youth Affairs Alexander Kaganovich.

2014 – this is the second year that we believe youth year. This year held many important events, in which the younger generation of Primorsky Krai took an active part. Youth policy in the region today dictates a team of 10 of thousands of talented, bright, enthusiastic young people involved in active collaboration of the Department of youth Affairs of the Primorsky region, – said Alexander Kaganovich.

During the year, the youth team of Primorye, in conjunction with Department staff, implemented a number of projects. So, 800 volunteers of Primorye took part in organizing and holding the Olympic torch relay and Paralympic Flame in Vladivostok, 234 volunteer Primorye took part in organizing and holding the XXII Winter Olympic and XI Paralympic games in Sochi.

– This year – a jubilee for student teams of Primorsky Krai. 50 years movement celebrated with panache and a huge number of events: it has been more than 20 meetings in preparation of participants student teams to work and the 50th anniversary of the movement. More than a thousand members of student teams worked this year in summer camps, on the railroad, on Putin and on national and regional construction projects. Special achievement for us is the fact that in 2015 with 15 to may 20, Vladivostok will become the student capital of Russia and will take more than 2 thousand young, talented students in the country, – said Alexander Kaganovich.

The delegation of the region among the 84 young talented residents defended the honor of the edges and took first place in the regional program of all-Russian competition of student works “Russian student spring”.

– At the initiative of Governor Vladimir Miklushevsky we applied and fought for the right to conduct “all-Russian student spring-2015” in Vladivostok, and we won it. It will be the brightest of the youth event of the year. Such a large scale event the far East have not yet seen, – said Alexander Kaganovich.

In July the festival of the countries of the Shanghai organization of the Commonwealth Cup all-Russian competition of student works “Russian student spring” came in Primorye.

Important and relevant to the youth of Primorye was winning seven projects at the all-Russian contest of youth projects which were successfully implemented on the territory of Primorye, including – “24-hour Marathon of visual art”, the projects of the Youth government of the Primorsky territory – “manual decent citizen” and “open youth government of Primorsky Krai”.

This year, in conjunction with Maritime regional youth organization “Union coaches”, we conducted an active youth rallies in 12 municipalities of the region, attended by over 400 people. The coaches told the children the basics of social planning, volunteering, prevention of use of psychoactive substances.

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