Russian national holidays in January


Vasil-month, sechen, prosinec, roof winter, tugalo, jelly, pereskia, a young moon – bright and colorful folk nicknames in January a lot. And only such an abundance of signs and popular holidays, perhaps no other month of the year to “brag”.

From the very celebrated in our country festival “the winter Prince” and begins. 1 January are unlikely to find anyone not celebrating the New year. “As the New year meet, so spend it”, this sign has become a kind of guide to action. Once, trying to foresee the coming year, new year’s eve froze the water in a spoon. Numerous bubbles in the ice predicted health and longevity, and the hole in the center – the illness of someone from the family members or even death. Starry Christmas night meant an abundant harvest of berries in the summer. Frost and little snow was regarded as an omen of good crops, warm snowless’s new year threatened to crop failure. On the first day of the new year in any case it was impossible to take the job heavy or dirty so as not to spend the whole year hard work.

January 4 – at Anastasia Sirmium – appealed to this Saint is the patron of pregnant women with prayers for help in childbirth. It was believed that Anastasia is able to save from any ties, even from everlasting destruction, therefore your prayers to be treated and those who were in prison or in captivity (or their relatives).

On Christmas eve (January 6) comply with particularly strict fast, tried as a family to attend Church. At midnight, went outside and, holding out her hands, palms upwards, he turned his gaze to the sky. It was believed that at this time, at least for a few minutes abates any bad weather stops blowing wind, the sky clears and the righteous man is able to see Paradise. If something to pray about something to ask at midnight, all will come true.

If on Christmas eve festive buffet included no less than 12 dishes, but be sure to lean on Christmas (January 7) it appeared the abundance of meat dishes. In many areas there was a tradition to burn the Christmas bonfires to warm the dead relatives. It was considered bad luck if for Christmas from other people in the first house consisted of a woman – the whole year will be too late to buy female half of the family.

This day began very special, magical time – Christmas time, continuing until the Epiphany. These days tried to find his destiny, guessing at the future.

January 8 – “Indian porridge” – on this day were greeted and treated to of expectant mothers and midwives.

The eve of the old New year or Vasiliev evening (January 13) was called “rich”. Covered with a generous buffet, with dishes of pork, as St. Basil was considered the patron Saint of pigs and pig farmers. Early in the morning on this day was cooked Vasiliev porridge and watched the process. If porridge climbed out of the pot, or worse, the pot was cracked, it was considered a very bad omen, and mush together with a pot thrown into the hole. Successful porridge was eating it.

January 18 – Epiphany eve. The evening of this day, according to legends, marked by the rampant evil forces who would in any guise to get into the house. To prevent this and to protect from all demons, window frames and doors put chalk crosses. From the Church bring home Holy water, sprinkled it rooms, people and Pets.

In the night of 18 to 19 January, any water, even tap water, acquires special properties. Therefore the custom to bathe on Epiphany (Epiphany) carved in the ice of Jordan is not only not threatened by cold nor small nor old, but also gives healing to the sick. Those who wondered at Christmastime or “dressed”, be sure to dip into the cold water to get rid of “demons.” After the Epiphany in Russia was renewed wedding time .

There were a lot of signs for each day, which tried to predict what to expect in the coming year, primarily from nature. For example, dry weather on Gregory-letogetacel (23 January) portends a hot summer. January cold wait for a hot July. And most importantly, the January, as the proverb says, is the grandfather of spring, and no matter how blustered the January frosts, winter has turned to spring.

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