National holidays in Italy


Holidays in Italy are a great many – it and state, and religious, and regional holidays, perhaps, to enumerate all of them can’t even the Italians themselves. But there are 12 major holidays recognized official throughout the country are closed on these days banks and public offices, most shops and public transport operates on Sunday schedule. Many museums and exhibition halls during the holidays are also the rest from the visitors.

New year’s day, January 1

New year or as it is called in Italy, Capodanno – head of the year, celebrated by the Italians in the Gregorian calendar during the night of 31 December to 1 January. Despite the fact that many institutions do not work the holiday, miss new year’s eve don’t have – the streets are arranged folk festivals, in the main squares of Italian cities are organized Grand performances, carnivals, fireworks.

Epiphany, January 6

The feast of the Epiphany is one of the most revered religious holidays in Italy . completing Christmas activities. The main symbol of this holiday – the good witch Befana, distributing gifts in memory of those gifts that the Magi brought to Jesus.

The symbol of the feast of the Epiphany – the good witch Befana

Befana enters the house chimney and puts in stockings obedient children of tasty sweets, and the rascals and hooligans – embers of dyed sugar. In the Vatican on the day of Epiphany Dad reads the Christmas sermon, in Rome organized a one-day fair, and in Venice, the holiday is celebrated, ceremonial costumed procession on boats along the city’s canals.

Easter (date varies)

Easter is the main spring holiday in Italy . Clearly the due date of this holiday is not, it can vary from late March to late April (the date of Easter in Italy 2012-2025 can be found here ). The day is celebrated with traditional festive mass, after which the Pope blesses all gathered in the square outside St. Peter’s Basilica. Across the country held parades, theatrical performances depicting the life of Jesus Christ.

In Easter Italians give each other painted eggs, more chocolate

The Italians give each other one of the main symbols of Easter – colored eggs, but if you had the eggs were mostly chicken, but now they are everywhere replaced the chocolate. Italian housewife certainly satisfied before Easter big cleaning and preparing holiday meals – traditional Colomba, reminiscent of our cakes and various sweets.

Easter Monday

La Pasquetta is a little Easter, is celebrated the day after Easter Sunday. On Easter Monday the Italians traditionally go to country picnics with friends or neighbors.

In the cities there are festive concerts, dance marathons, theatre shows, and a variety of games and contests. In addition to traditional skiing eggs in some regions of Italy are skating cheese – big cheese head rolled around the city walls. State agencies on Easter Monday don’t work, but the museums and exhibitions, usually open.

Liberation day, April 25

Liberation day is a national holiday in Italy – is celebrated on 25 April, the day of liberation from fascism. From that day began a new phase in the history of Italy – released hundreds of Italian towns and villages and saved a huge number of people.

Liberation day Italians celebrate the 25th April

On this day in cities around the country held a ceremonial event, historical reenactment, festivals, fairs, concerts. The main attractions and museums on the Day of liberation work. In Venice on April 25 celebrate also the Day of St. Mark, patron Saint of the city, celebrated mass processions and other solemn events.

Labor day, may 1

Labor day – another great spring festival in Italy, which the Italians themselves have noted, some participate in parades and marches, some sing serenades under the Windows of the beloved, and the third, taking a little vacation, go to the southern resorts of the country.

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