Most unusual festivals of the world

Then torchlight procession through the ancient ritual of the burial of fallen soldiers salival wood 30-foot boat, which is specially build to the party every year…So goes kadugodi the Scottish Ophelia (Up Helly Aa Festival) in the town of Lerwick… this year an extraordinary party took place on 29 January

Over 900 beautifully dressed participants followed the entourage of 40 Vikings and their huge ship to the place where the fire will be lit

On the coast, the ship burned — 900 flaming torches were thrown on the “ancient” ship

Monkey feast is held in honor of the God Rama, who, according to legend, together with the monkey army defeated many of his opponents.

Tomatina (Tomatina) in the village of buñol — known “tomato battle”. This is one of the most popular and most visited holiday in Spain. Once a year it is visited by about 36 thousand people. On special trucks to the site of the battle brought a “weapon” — about 100 tons of ripe tomatoes. The rules here are rather ordinary can throw tomatoes at anyone, the main thing is to avoid injuries, tomatoes need a good stretch.

Also it is impossible to tear the competitors clothes and throw something else, except tomatoes, in spite of all the excitement, which, of course, embraces the competition. After the battle wash area with hoses, participants wash in specially installed for that bathroom stall or just go swimming in the river.

Prazdnichek bare (Naked Mens’ Festival) in the Country of the rising sun — Hadak Matsuri or “festival Nude”, which is celebrated with 767. In the temple Saidaji 3000 is going guys aged 23 to 43 years who are dressed only in loincloths. The purpose of this party is to seek for himself a fortune, because it is believed that the naked man confiscates all the misery, if to touch him.

The participants of the party after visiting the Temple, where they undergo purification, organize a procession through the streets of the town, where hundreds of people in search of fortune try to touch them. In this day, because on the street it is cold January, and we must have the courage to go out half-naked into the street, residents of the rising sun drink a lot of sake.

The Chap &Hendrick’s Olympics in the UK. Community representatives Chap and Hendrick’s conduct yearly Olympiad in the midst of the gentlemen in the open air in English Bedford Square, which aims to support and preserve the traditions of the British gentlement.

Even in such an unusual way.

Kadugodi festival of The Summer Redneck Games in Georgia, USA, the apotheosis of which is the competition Plugaru watery clay (Mud Pit Belly Flop) cheered by screaming fans.

Special ecstasy of the audience causes the clay rain sheds at all after a particularly resonant dip competing in a reddish goo.

March of the Zombies (Zombie March) in Boston. The center of town in present day flood creatures, like go searching for his victims.

Some “zombie” prefer to dress up in a bloody wedding suits and rubber masks, others depict the living dead, moving like Michael Jackson in the music video 1983 “Thriller”.

Old prazdnichek worship the forefathers, under the title of Tapati (Tapati Festival) is celebrated by the inhabitants of Easter island in Chile. The islanders dress up each other in special clothes and dancing. Both men and ladies compete in running with bunches of bananas.

Manages the festivities specially chosen Queen: it should be not only beautiful, and hardworking. Serious jury of elders counts the number of caught fish and Nadal canvas any applicant.

Ivan Kupala — the people’s party, celebrated in the Slavic countries (Our homeland, Ukraine, Belarus) in the day of summer solstice. The party is celebrated in the smallest night of the year — with bonfires, leaping through them — happiness, songs, classic games, walking with birch, divination. This prazdnichek — the cult of light, the sun, all life, at this time, “Rosa healing, weed treatment, water purification”.

According to legends, in Kupala night you cannot sleep, because this night was listed as a time of rampant dark forces of nature, from which it made various idols.

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