Most unusual festivals in the world


Passed the summer season and numerous music festivals in Russia and Europe. To help you escape from the sad thoughts and anguish, RuTraveller ranked the most unusual festivals in the world (some of them can even manage to visit this year). There will not be loud headlining, but the emotions and impressions of the fun will last for a long time to come.

1. San Diego Comic-Con International, USA

Every year San Diego was invaded by geeks from all over the world. The reason for that is the Comic Con festival, which brings together fans of comics, cult films and TV series, as well as just onlookers who want to see an unforgettable costume show. The cosplayers masterfully transform into their favorite characters, and sometimes they can not even be distinguished from the original. Also here you can find out more about the filming of new movies – Hollywood studios use the festival as a platform for promotion and present to the audience their most promising projects.

2. Holi, Mumbai, India

Holi is famous around the world, the festival of spring and the colors. There are many legends about its origin, the most famous of them tells how the demon Holika persuaded to ascend the pyre of the king’s son Prahlada. Prahlad was saved by the God Vishnu, in whom they have believed, and Holika was burnt in the fire. Therefore, an integral part of the holiday is the burning of effigies of the Holika. This holiday is often conducted in Russian cities, however it is not tied to the beginning of spring and is often just an excuse to participate in the battle colors.

3. La Tomatina, Buñol, Spain

If you are in the last week of August will appear in the Spanish town of buñol and see the carnage, don’t rush to blame the population in the mayhem and riots is the Tomatina festival, also known as the feast of harvest of tomatoes. Before this event, shops and buildings close their facades plastic shields to somehow escape from 1000 tons of tomato madness. In addition to the fun of the massacre visitors will lots of other entertainment – music, craft fair, parade, dances and fireworks.

4. Snow festival in Sapporo, Japan

The feast seven days of snow held in the Japanese city of Sapporo in early February. Its tradition began in 1950, when in the matinee, the pupils of one of schools has established six snow figures. It made such an impression on the residents of the city that they decided annually to build shapes out of snow and ice. Now the festival is much bigger children’s party – for the celebration highlighted three areas of Sapporo, and erected monumental figures are a real work of art – it is a pity that the snow is melting.

5. The Banquet for the monkeys of Lopburi, Thailand

Monkey Banquet is held in the Thai city of Lopburi every year on the last Sunday of November. The huge seven-the dealer deals two tons of food for the festive meal six hundred monkeys. Monkey, happy, grab and consume tropical fruits, and people watch and enjoy (although rather jealous). If you manage to attend this festival, watch for things – among agile monkeys are a lot of pickpockets.

6. Festival of giants, Douai, France

Giants Nord-Pas-de-Calais is an unusual element Belgian culture in France, recognized as intangible heritage by UNESCO. In local folklore more than 200 giants, and after the most famous of them – the Giant from Douai, his wife Marie and three children, is held the annual festival.

The festival of fire and the Vikings and Ophelia, though, and is held in Scotland, gathers a lot of visitors from the Scandinavian countries. On this day you can see the harsh army bearded Viking, singing lively songs and drinking ale and grog. Ophelia on the day when in the 9th century on the coast of Scotland, landed Vikings. The festival culminates in the ceremonial burning of tridtsatimetrovoy rook in memory of the dead Vikings – it’s their funeral custom.

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