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This third largest city in Germany is considered the largest cultural and event center. Then you and the famous Cologne carnival culminating on Shrove Tuesday, and is known LGBT parade (Christopher street), and the Cologne Christmas market…

And today I will tell about one of the most beautiful local holiday, which is quite young, but from year to year is gaining popularity and are attracted to Cologne hundreds of thousands of tourists from all over the world.

Talking about the festival of light and fireworks Kölner Lichter, which is traditionally held in mid-summer. In 2014, the festival falls on the 19th of July, so everyone still has time and opportunity to collect bags and buy a ticket to Germany. And in the meantime we will acquaint you better with the program and the history of the event.

The history of the holiday

This year the international fireworks festival “Cologne lights” is only 14 years old: the first festival of light was held here in 2001.

The Central event is the explosions of fireworks over the Rhine promenade night then collected here are not many people. But today the glory of the unique festival is big in Europe.

And no wonder: for the audience are arranged fixed and floating observation deck, the whole night threw open its doors to numerous eateries with the famous local beer. countless pavilions with food side by side with souvenir shops, and hearing and vision festival guests delight many musical and theatrical groups.

Today, the number of tourists coming to see the “Cologne lights” on summer weekends by some estimates exceeds the number of inhabitants of the city itself!

The organizers strongly recommend to tourists in advance to find hotels in Cologne these days, and are advised to arrive at the waterfront earlier in the day, although the holiday itself begins around eight in the evening — otherwise extremely high chance to be on the margins of the holiday and because of the huge crowd little to see and hear.

Let there be light!

The festival program changes slightly from year to year, acquiring new traditions and rules. For example, in 2007 a large variety of colorful flashes of fire were accompanied by live music, and has recently entered a photo contest for the audience.

The audience took place on the Rhine promenade long before the official opening of the festival, photo by Günter Hentschel

For visitors Kölner Lichter has a special transport to the waterfront of the Old town, as well as paid and free visual platform on both sides — choose to your taste.

The most sophisticated fans prefer to watch the fireworks colorful action with water: the Rhine at this time via a special pleasure boats, painted with bright light garlands. Tickets are really sold out long before the festival.

The direction of the festival this year — dance. This means that with two hours of the day main stage and the entire waterfront will be filled with numerous musical groups performing dance music of all styles and directions. And viewers will find a most beautiful sight — the Dance of the Fiery fountains.

In 2014, the organisers announced the launch about 5 tons of colorful fireworks is about 20 000 colorful synchronized volleys in the musical accompaniment of the orchestra!

Will start the flame dance as usual at 23:30. Don’t forget your camera: traditionally, for the best picture of the holiday, the city authorities awarded valuable prizes, including a camera, iPad, money. And another local tradition is the lighting of candles on each table and in each window. The fireworks will continue for single runs of light rockets, sparklers and firecrackers from the embankment.

Ends official action at 0:15, but the rest of the night is one of the oldest cities in Germany will sing, dance and fun — check! Don’t miss one of the most beautiful spectacles of the summer, come to Cologne and join hundreds of thousands of fascinated viewers — there’s still time.


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