Light of the world

July 17-20 year near Voronezh festival development, culture and creativity “Light of the world”. The aim of the festival – to create a platform for communication, exchange of experience and rest all who are interested in culture, positive creativity, healthy lifestyle, psychology, and various practitioners of personal development.

The festival will feature seminars from leading experts in the region to restore health, yoga, family relationships, spiritual and psychological practices. Invited masters of handmade crafts, music, dance, sculpting, painting. In the creative program also evening concerts, dances, folk games and the evening parties, interactive games and more.

Place recreation center “dew” (the Tanning cordon).

The detailed program and other information about the festivalThree master-class of Professor Shcherbatykh at the festival “Light of the world”

You dream to postpone aging and prolong youth at least 10 years?

Then we invite You to meet with a doctor of biological Sciences, Professor of psychology Yuri Shcherbatykh, author of the book “How to stay young and live long”

At the meeting, the scientist will talk about his concept of life extension and preservation of youth. The tentative date of the workshop – July 18.

Participants will become familiar with methods that can help slow the aging process and reduce your biological age. You’ll learn a few guaranteed ways to improve their health through exercise, proper nutrition and special meditations.

The word “sin”, “to sin”, “sinner” is known to every person. Everyone knows that it means something bad, unworthy, deserving of condemnation. However, if you ask people to give a precise definition of “sin”, it appears that few people can do it. Many people understand intuitively that such a deed is good, and so-and-so ” bad, but why some actions or properties of people considered “sinful”, remains unclear.

Professor Yuri Shcherbatykh, author of the bestseller ” The seven deadly sins or the Psychology of Vice” will tell you about the origins of this concept, and how you can cope with such mortal sins as anger, sloth and gluttony. So those who suffer from sadness and pessimism, who is concerned about its excessive irritability, or those who want to lose weight – welcome to the workshop of Yuri Shcherbatykh, which will be held on July 19.

Many people want to succeed in life, but not all succeed. What determines the success – natural features, parenting, the will of man, or some secret technology? How to choose your own way of life, how to achieve perfection in your favorite business, how to present themselves to the world? Can be combined success in society and happiness in the spiritual life?

These issues concern many people, and July 20, you will learn the answers from an expert on the “life-styling”, author of “the Psychology of success” Yuri Shcherbatykh, who will share with you my success and happiness.

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