How to cook carnival or masquerade?

We all love the holidays, and merry holidays love even more. Who ever heard of a carnival or a masquerade ball? Carnivals and masquerades came to us from Europe, and we fell in love for gaiety and carelessness of their participants. Bright and beautiful costumes, music, singing, dancing, various costumes and masks, mystery, and intrigue. In Russia masquerade and carnival came in the 18th century, but in Europe it fun began much earlier.

Carnivals typical for countries with a hot climate, we all know the famous carnivals that take place annually in Rio de Janeiro. When beautiful girls on high, I would say at a very high, stiletto heels, in a fairly open bright and beautiful costumes dancing in the streets. It captivates so many. All start to feel the beat of the holiday, catchy rhythm and a fun atmosphere.

Masquerade, in my opinion, is inferior to the carnival, and also provides the possibility of intrigue. When you can unleash the imagination and come up with interesting outfits when even adults can turn into fairy tale characters. To return to a time when I wanted to be a Prince or Princess, Queen, king, Prince, or maybe Vice versa pirate or a bandit. You can wear different costumes and put together a mask, according to you want to be recognized or not.

A carnival or a masquerade party can make themselves at home. Need to invite guests and to warn in advance that they were waiting for a colorful masquerade. Mandatory all must be in costume. The carnival costumes adult Halloween car is quite suitable for costume party or masquerade. Guests will be easier to pick out an outfit, if known, or given the theme of the holiday. For example, it will be a pirate party, a dance in 17th-century style, retro party period 50s, period, which is known as the period of Soviet men and women of fashion, which was called hipsters. If you set the theme of the holiday. Then no one will look silly and uncomfortable in your party. You will need to choose the music and the table according to the theme of the holiday. Come up with contests and quizzes.

Now very fashionable, become a party in retro style, hipsters everywhere now. Therefore, if you decide to make your holiday not just gatherings with friends, and a fun theme party, then you will need to work a little on this evening. For example, if having a party in the style of “hipsters”, then you need to pick up music and decorate the room in the style of the 50s, of course, it’s possible. Also, you will need to learn, what did hipsters and that they are distinguished from other Soviet citizens. What are they into, what were the interests and concerns. Thanks to this data, you will be able to come up with different contests that a party had a “dudes” of the time. One may make up a quiz with questions about the era of “mods”, and most importantly, learn the fun company a few dances or movements. You can not just have a good time in the company of your friends, but also useful. Get a charge of positive emotions, listen to the good and a little forgotten music, will be able to learn to dance, learn new moves.

Remember that any occasion can be turned into an unforgettable show or evening. Important to have the right approach. If you do not know how to do it, you can find help online or in companies that are engaged in conducting various theme parties. If you have a reason for celebration, then make it brighter and more fun, let the atmosphere of the holiday will remain for a long time. Regular gatherings at home can be turned into a fabulous world of heroes, fairies and princesses, pirates and noble knights, it all depends on your desires and opportunities. Only you can decide how you envision your event.

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