Holidays in Spain


The Spaniards – it’s burning a nation that turns every day into a celebration. No one month is not complete without a memorable festivities, which will celebrate again the country in Europe.

The Feast Of The Three Kings

On the day of Epiphany the people of Spain celebrates the feast of the Three Kings. The name comes from the scene when the three wise men brought gifts to the newborn Jesus. On the eve of the feast through the streets of the country, there is a procession that enters into the carriage with the Magi. The theme of this carnival elect famous cartoons, and all dressed in familiar characters.

After the street party children come home, where they wait for tables with sweets and the main dish – bagels. Even the cakes are sintered to their shape, adding a chip – to whom it will fall, will find happiness and well-being.

The children also write letters to the Three Kings, where you indicate the desired gifts, and eventually get them.

The carnival in Santa Cruz de Tenerife

The second carnival is known, after the festival in Rio de Janeiro, considered Santa Cruz de Tenerife. The festival starts on February 14 and last a whole week.

The main attribute of the carnival is the procession accompanied by dancing and fireworks, but the action – the coronation. It’s exciting, and opens the catwalk of beautiful contestants. Girls should sew his costume of feathers and shiny jewelry, and then to walk in him before the audience. The winner of the jury are obliged to cornrowing immediately after results. Such entertainment is not cheap, so the competition is always sponsored.

The Feast Of San Juan

In Spain, the summer begins August 1, and with the solemn feast of San Juan, which was accompanied by fire and mystery.

Pagan holiday found a similar Slavic – Midsummer. The same practices to jump over the fire, search for the fern flower, under which is stored the legendary treasure chest. Also converge beliefs that the flame removes evil spirits, and water and grass – clear of all diseases. But the Spanish holiday has its peculiarities. Main snack and drink in San Juan recognized pie “Coca” and the usual champagne, and besides jumping over the fire, people walk on red-hot ashes, show performances with fire, home wiring stuff and walk freely with torches.

The value of the holiday is to be construed not only the beginning of summer. Also it symbolizes a victory of light over darkness, because it is the night of 23 June is considered the most short. For additional power of the Sun many people burn bonfires than allegedly helps the heavenly bodies to fight evil on the planet. The party lasts all night in the open air, and always attracts huge number of tourists and ordinary citizens.

The Tomatina festival in Buñol

The most famous festival in Spain and Europe – carnival Tomatina. The festival is dedicated to the care of summer and is celebrated in the last week of August for seven days. Carnival, according to tradition, accompanied by exhausting dancing, live music, beautiful fireworks, free food and drinks, and merriment. However, the feature of the feast is its spectacular ending a two hour battle of tomatoes!

At 11 am there is issued a signal about the beginning of the celebration, and the town square cars with several hundred tons of tomatoes. People with all the forces running to the truck and stock up on shells, which will eventually obsidium both near and quite a stranger. At the end of the day tomato mash reaches the ankles, and participating in a large battle going to swim in a pool filled with tomato juice – tomato.

After this spectacle the wash area, and the festival is celebrated several days in the usual spirit of the Spaniards.

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