Holidays and festivals of France

Many tourists choose France as the country that is worth visiting. It is rich in culture, customs and their traditions. Besides, you can always get a lot of impressions from holidays. of which there is great variety. All ceremonial events in any country is always a unique, fun and interesting.

Moreover, festivals are celebrated not only all over the country, but each city separately. Even French villages have their own traditions celebrations. Among them there are both religious and secular. Because, the whole of France divided into provinces, and each has its own calendar where we list all of the festivals and celebrations. People in France love to have a good rest, so the celebrations in this country are rife.

National holidays celebrated throughout the country, there are about 11, they are the holidays. In addition to these activities, each city has its own, which will only understand the inhabitants of this settlement. Will discuss the most popular and interesting ones.

Bastille day

This holiday ranks among the national and is a “red day” calendar. It is celebrated on 14 July each year. The beginning of the story is rooted deep into the history of the country. It refers to an event associated with the first anniversary of the capture of the fortress of the Bastille, is a prison. It happened on 14 July 1790, was the French revolution. The festival is also a symbol of the complete overthrow of absolutism.

Feature of the celebration of Bastille Day is a series of balls, for example, one of the most beautiful is a Big Ball, which takes place on the eve of the main celebration in the garden of the Tuileries. To-day activities on the territory of the Champs-elysées is a solemn military parade. The column is moving from the Bastille to the Louvre. In charge of the parade the President of the Republic. End the celebration with colorful fireworks on the field of Mars. Bright lights illuminate the Eiffel tower, and it looks truly magical.

The film festival in Cannes, France

This event attracts a large number of people, both ordinary tourists and celebrities from the world of cinema. It is held in may in Cannes, the famous French resort. This festival is considered one of the most popular, famous and old as it is held for more than 60 years.

During the holiday show pictures, pre-selected by a professional jury. Without competition you can also see a lot of good and worthwhile films. Estimated painting of famous actors, Directors and film critics. The most basic and the honorary prize is a gold palm branch. Sometimes just a few films to receive this coveted award.

The opening of the season of tennis

Many people know that France is a country of great tennis. One of the most famous stadiums in tennis tournaments, the Stade Roland Garros. Here is, for example, the Grand slam tournament that is like in may. It’s not just a tournament but a real show, where people come not only the most ardent fans of the sport, but also tourists who are in France at this time.

Jazz festival in nice

This festival is very popular among connoisseurs of jazz. It should also be said that the first jazz festival in the world took place not in America, as many people think, namely in nice in 1948. Of course, there were breaks, changed the venue, but still, this festival is held to this day. Since 2011, the organization was joined by the local authorities. Anyone can visit this beautiful holiday music and enjoy the beautiful sound of the instruments.

Balloon festival

This holiday was founded at the end of the last century and has since been held every two years. In entertainment, few festivals can match it. Huge balloons of various shapes, colors and types are launched these days in France. Moreover, the launches are held day and night. Very many come to the country to get to the balloon festival.

The most intense “holiday” months are June and July. At this time held all the most colourful and unusual festivals and holidays. Many of them are aimed at reviving the culture and traditions of their ancestors.

Of course, in addition to those of the original parties, which are held only in France, there are some that are common, for example, Christmas, Easter, New year and some of the traditional religious holidays.

Also noteworthy are some more festivals: exhibition rentals in Monte Carlo circus festival of Monaco, the Lemon festival, a marathon of Paris, fair plates, which are international and so on. Once on any of these holidays, you can get a lot of impressions and emotions.


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