Festivals of France

France is the most beautiful, mysterious and desirable country. The whole world knows the sense of humor inherent to the French, everyone knows the voice of Edith Piaf, love the unique bottle of Chanel No. 5, the French language, created to explain my love, all know brave Jeanne D’arc and reckless D’artagnan.

This country has its own traditions, customs, their culture, their history. But in this country there is such a holiday, in which are reflected the traditions, culture and history. Of course, it’s the holidays and festivals of France, quickening the whole country.

Cannes film festival

Cannes film festival is the most important event in the film world. Within 12 days at the Palais des Festivals reigns the magic world of cinema. Here on the red carpet are all the celebrities, filmmakers submit to the court their latest films. For the best film was awarded the Palme d’or.

The Mimosa festival

What are the festivals in France? Humble flower of the Mimosa or the “yellow sun” consecrate France to a festival. At the end of February is this Sunny and cheerful festival in Mandelieu-La-Napoule. This city is famous as the place where they grow this beautiful flower.

The city’s streets in honor of this holiday are transformed and ten days, and still become an arena performances and processions, entertainment and parades. Theatrical performances interspersed with performances of street musicians, dancing and music interspersed with floral parade – all in honor of this little flower.

The impression that all residents are obsessed with this flower. In honor of the flower Mimosa not only concerts and parades, but also held a beauty contest for the title of Queen Mimosa. The Queen, according to this tradition, opens the main event – the parade of colors. None of the Mimosa festival is not complete without a masquerade ball.

The France festivals: carnival in nice

Collects millions of tourists from all over the world the carnival in nice. This is the most colorful carnival in the world, on the French Riviera it is a major event. Floral parades and themed parades, jugglers and clowns, musicians and costumes for two weeks turn nice in one continuous holiday, in an atmosphere of lightheartedness and fun.

The history of carnival

This holiday appeared with the filing of the Duke of Anjou in 1294. The Duke came to nice for a few days, and began balls, fireworks, festivity has gripped the entire city, everyone was dancing and frightened by the masks.

The annual carnival is named differently and the topics are always available: the King of Gastronomy, King of Sparta, King of Laughter, the King of Dance, King of media, king of the Circus.

Open the carnival appearance of the king and the Queen. Special ceremony – Flower Battles can be seen every carnival day. Down the street are moving huge colorful tuples, similar to a huge basket of flowers.

Some of the most beautiful boys and girls throw bouquets of lilies, roses, carnations, Mimosa in a crowd of spectators. For decoration of tuples expend up to five thousand colors — it is a work of art.

In the masquerade festival in nice everyone takes part. As the subject of festivals every year is different, we can come to the festival every year and the experience will always be bright and positive.

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