Festivals in Crimea

Recently more and more popular in the Crimea is the organization and holding of festivals. It is believed that the festivals are different from concerts only by its size because this event includes a series of performances over several days, or even weeks. Well-known in Crimea and beyond international song festival “Balaklava vacation”, a festival for lovers of hard rock and electronic music “KAZANTIP FEST” and others.

About however festivals are not always musical. Nowadays, you can participate in the most unexpected festivals, say, literature, fashion, and even beer or Ukrainian dumplings. In Crimea such popular festivals long been a chrysanthemum in the Nikitsky Botanical garden near Yalta, knight fencing “Genoese helmet” in Sudak, the February festival of Snowkiting and snowboarding “the Free wind” on the plateau of AI-Petri mountain and many others.

Nowadays festivals are increasingly being used by various companies as an advertising tool to attract the attention of a specific audience to their products and services easier and more efficient to demonstrate as part of a widespread celebration. Therefore, solid companies widely use this slim and very effective marketing tool. However, the organization and holding of festivals – it is very troublesome and complicated that only professionals with extensive experience in the preparation and conduct of such events. Festivals require not only a huge technical and organizational capabilities, but also creativity, ability to experiment, to anticipate and to take full responsibility for every step.

A professional company on organization and holding of festivals

I f you need to carry out such the event, feel free to contact us for help and to be sure that we:

– create the concept of any holiday you wish;

– will develop an original and meaningful scenario;

– solve all the official questions from the authorities;

– we will choose the best venue for the event depending on its subject matter and objectives;

– arrange the area with sets, navigation and various advertising media;

– organize performance artists or any concert of pop stars and film – Ukrainian, Russian, etc.;

– undertake technical equipment for the upper class, which are different festivals of the world level;

– competently and professionally develop will conduct an advertising campaign;

– ensure the safety of festival participants and guests, as well as cleanliness and order during the festival and after it.

In address by the group’s “Yalta Jam” in the framework of the first festival of instrumental music Of “Flight Of Sound”. held at Balaklava on October 5-6

F area analysis of the group’s concert “Inside The Sound” (“Inside the Sound”, Kirovograd) in the framework of the festival of instrumental music in Balaklava “Flight Of Sound”:

And RT-rock band “Silent Grace” at the festival of instrumental music Of “Flight Of Sound” in Balaklava, October 5-6, 2013:

About rganization and the General sponsor of the Festival “Flight Of Sound” (“Flight of Sound”) was organized by the Agency “zodiac” by providing professional sound and lighting equipment for the 12 participating teams from different cities of Ukraine and Russia.

About brutuses to us, you will receive high quality professional services at a reasonable price and great moral satisfaction from the event, and communicating with our employees.

We organize and conduct festivals of various size and scale, and also lease the necessary audio equipment in the following cities of the Crimea and in Yalta, Simferopol, Alushta, Sevastopol, Evpatoria, Bakhchisarai, Dzhankoy, Saki, Sudak, Feodosia, Kerch, Novy Svet, Crimea, Balaklava, black, wide, Henichesk, Skadovsk, Lenine, Shelkino, Alupka and in other cities.

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