Festivals And Holidays In Transcarpathia


Transcarpathia is extremely rich in tradition and folklore. In the villages and towns of Transcarpathia are the most diverse and interesting festivals and holidays. On an exciting tourist attractions every year attracts thousands of tourists.

The festival “red wine” in Mukachevo

A great tradition to hold the Festival wine on the eve of Old New year invented in 1996. The diversity of wine varieties on offer here is always impressive: white, red, pink, hot, cold, spiced or honey, bottles or barrels, and even from the jug, thermos and any other dishes from which you can pour. The festival involves both private winemakers and large Transcarpathian wine company. And the geography of guests every year more and more broadly to the different parts of the world tourists in Mukachevo to taste and buy wine. During the festival, tastings, competitions, Christmas performances, selling traditional dishes as well as cheese, homemade sausage, honey.

A wine festival is held in Mukachevo on the Old New year. It is believed that at this time after a few months of fermentation the wine was pressed, was a real, sparkling. The center of Mukachevo turns into a kind of free trade zone.

Festival “Epiphany celebrations” in s. Lower Selishche

Is fun, with songs, dances, a Christmas Carol. And definitely the best wine and Transcarpathian cheese.

The Carol festival ensembles – Transcarpathian den – Uzhgorod, Khust

Theatrical performances on biblical subjects, specific Transcarpathian carols invariably add to the festive mood inherent in the new year and Christmas period. The festival is traditionally held in January. For the first time in Ukraine was conducted in 1989.

Festival genteshi in the village of Hecha

Professional reznicki (genasi) from different villages of Transcarpathia in the morning until late in the evening to show their professional skills, cooks – cooking of steamed pork variety of traditional Transcarpathian dishes – pork rinds, górka, sausage and more.

All under good Transcarpathian wine and pálinka.

Day of Hungarian culture in Berehove

Beregovoye invite Hungarian musicians, in Beregovo theatre do plays Hungarian theatre groups and more. And also at the memorial sign to Ferenc Kelcey – known Hungarian poet held a variety of celebrations.

Festival “On the snowy slopes of the Carpathians”, S. Bruise, Mukachevo district

Is based on the sports and tourist complex “Bruise”. In competitions involving tourism and local lore team. Included in the program of the competition of orienteering on skis and skiing.

Wine festival on Beregovo

The annual tradition of holding a wine festival in Berehove induces to the fact that the town already claims to be the wine capital of Western Ukraine. The tradition of winemaking here have existed for centuries and the best of local winemakers joined the order of St. Wenzel. The original members of the organization pledge to strongly promote wine Berehove glory and are inspired festival. At each festival wine on Beregovo its products are the major enterprises and winemakers are private.

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