Crazy passionate days

The largest cultural event of world — class music festival “Crazy days” was first held in Yekaterinburg.

Within 3 days from 11 to 13 September orchestras and musicians of international value will represent the Urals his interpretation of the main theme of this year — passion. 6 stages, 70 concerts. The opening day sold more than 20 thousand tickets that demonstrates the enormous interest of the public to the festival. Knowledgeable audience have been waiting for the “Crazy days” in Russia. But this year the organizers on both sides managed to reach agreement. Honor that honor the pioneers was provided exactly Yekaterinburg.

— for the First time our band took part in the “Crazy days” in 2007 in the French city of Nantes, — said the Director of the Sverdlovsk Philharmonic society Alexander Colacurci. — We were all just amazed by the scale of this great event. And today festival in Russia. And what is especially nice, we have, in the Urals. I, frankly, still do not believe in it, because it was a dream. To put it much, as the meaning of the festival and its concept, I think, very close to our city. And so it was. Confirms this is the fact thatwe sold over 90% of the tickets.

It should be said that for the festival of classical music 20 million viewers — an incredible success. To popularize the classics make it available not only for the elite, but also to a wider audience, was no easy task. But the organizers have achieved their goal.

— The idea of the festival came to me over 20 years ago during a U2 concert, — said the Creator and artistic Director of the festival “La Folle Journee” Rene Martin. — a Huge stadium, a crowd of thousands of fans. As I stood and wondered why all these people don’t go to classical concerts because it’s obvious that they love music. After that I began to develop the concept of the new format. To make the classics accessible and understandable, first of all it was necessary to reduce the duration of the concert to 45–50 minutes. Man must discover music at their own pace. Foolish to expect the uninitiated to sit through for 2 hours. Secondly, we have reduced the prices for the tickets so they could buy everything, even the not too wealthy citizens. The result was the idea of a 3-day marathon during which viewers are immersed in another world.

For the 20-year history (the first festival was held in 1995), the event turned into an international music festival held in several cities around the world in a row. Now the theme is one for all — passion.

— during the previous 20 years, the theme was chosen differently — continued Renee Martin. — All the concerts were United by one composer or one genre. Now this emotion. And it’s perfect for Ekaterinburg. Russian music full of passion, is one of the key experiences.

It is worth noting that all the sites will be conducted concerts, located within walking distance from each other. The building of the Philharmonic hall. Maleckova at the music school. Tchaikovsky’s educational theatre, EGTI, Chamber theatre United Museum of Ural writers and the city House of music — they are all located in one block in the city centre. This is done to ensure that viewers could make your unique “music trail” and in a short time met with various genres and artists, heard of the works of different eras and trends.

It is noteworthy that the festival stars of the classical music world. Ural to the public well-known names such as Nikita Borisoglebsky, Boris Berezovsky, Alexander Kniazev. But some artists will visit Yekaterinburg for the first time. Detailed information about the participants and the program of the festival can be found on the official website of the Sverdlovsk state academic Philharmonic. Some tickets are still available. Prices start from 75 rubles.

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