Christmas traditions of the peoples of the world.


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How to celebrate new year’s celebration, knows probably every citizen of Russia. It is of course the traditional green Christmas tree and champagne, and required making a Christmas wish under the chiming clock. Everything seems clear and familiar to us from childhood.

But we must not forget that other Nations of the world are as equally fun, interesting traditions and rituals associated with the new year holiday.

Here are some of them:

The Jewish New year or Rosh Hashanah.

This important, full of spirituality, the holiday celebrates the Jewish people in the month of September, 2009 month of Tishrei it was celebrated on 13 and 14 July. Came had. Two festive days are called “long”. To work in these two days is sinful. According to legend, Adam was created by the Lord in that day, but on the same day of its establishment, he has violated God’s prohibition, for which he was immediately expelled from Paradise. Since that far day much time has passed. This day the Lord God appointed a day of God’s judgment. He judges their creations and thus determines their fate for the whole year ahead. But as the Lord is merciful. he makes this judgment day is a day of forgiveness. Jews all over the earth on this day, take the Shofar and blow for forgiveness and Mercy before God. Hearing this Lord, is transplanted from his judicial seat in the chair of forgiveness and mercy. Devout Jews on the day of Christmas pray to God about the cleansing of their souls from evil and seek happiness for the whole year for yourself and loved ones. New year greeting is “may you be written and signed for a good and happy year!” After visiting the synagogue people goto home to read over the full glass of wine Kiddush. Purely washing hands, pronounce the blessing of bread, the first piece of which all year they dipped in salt in the memory of the suffering endured by the Jewish people. At the Banquet table of the bread as a sign of happiness in the New year dipped in honey. Each product on the table has its own symbols.

Bread. As a new year bread stands round sweet challah with raisins. The circle is a symbol of the cyclical nature of the seasons. Raisins in Hale gives it a sweetness.

Apples . Means Fruits the trees of God – pieces of sweet Apple followed by challah every dunks in the honey, saying: “Blessed are you, God, ruler of the world, Creator of the fruit trees. Let it be your desire that the New year was for us a good and sweet.”

Honey is a symbol of family wealth and sweet life.

Grenades . The Jews believe that. each fetus 613 seeds, as chapters in the Torah. As many mitzvahs (good deeds) are commanded to do to a Jew in the New year.

Tzimmes is a sweet carrot – fruit of the earth God and his teachings sugar.

Fish – a symbol of fertility and abundance. Fish, never closing his eyes, sees everything. Fish eye is a symbol of comprehension of the wisdom of the Almighty. The head of the family eats fish head and says: “even if you are in the head (leading) and not in the tail (not slave)”.

New year in Japanese

New year across the country heard the main heralds of the new year holiday bell. In the temples beat beats, their number equals the number 108.

It is believed that each person has six vices: greed, anger, foolishness, frivolity, indecision and greed; each has 18 different shades. As each strike of the bell is cleansed man from tormenting his vices. When punched the last blow people out with holiday greetings on the street, begins the exchange of gifts. The whole day people spend on the streets, congrats, singing ,having fun. After dark come into the house to start the fire of the hearth and to spend the rest of the holiday in a circle of relatives and friends.

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