Carnival in Rio de Janeiro

“God created the world in six days and on the seventh day, he created Rio de Janeiro” – so say the Brazilians about their fabulously beautiful city. And yet God has given this nation an incredible musicality. Local residents have perfectly mastered the art to live life to the rhythm of Samba. And every year at the height of the Brazilian summer in Rio De Janeiro comes the CARNIVAL holiday, which has no equal anywhere in the world.

Hot country – hot people. The blood of the indigenous Indians and immigrants from Africa, the Portuguese and other Europeans have created an explosive mixture that flows in the veins of the Brazilians. The result was the famous carnivals in Rio – the feasts of the senses and sensuality.

The week of the Carnival – the endless parade of unique costumes and skill carefree people for whom this holiday – main in life. The carnival has its own rules. Each Samba school participates in the carnival, playing your own story. It is subordinate to a single topic: politics, nature, sports, art, music. The imagination of the organizers of the March are limited only requirement is that the topic must be Brazilian, be it a historic event, honoring famous personalities, the setting of the story or legend.

The school comes up with his song, sew the costumes, sets and choreography builds allegorical platform. Suits must not only dazzle with their beauty, but also to meet the age and place of action of the selected plot.

Nude another law of the carnival in Rio de Janeiro. However, full nudity is forbidden, so viewers enjoy endless options of luxurious and often spicy costumes. This year the carnival sensation was the performance of the school Portela . among the representatives of which appeared top model Naomi Campbell ( Naomi Campbell ).

During vivid, disturbing show on Naomi was a great costume: bikini from the threads of blue and white gems. Head diva was crowned with lush decoration of colorful peacock feathers. “The black Goddess” had to dance the Samba on allegorical carnival chariot in front of the eyes 65 thousand enthusiastic spectators.

37-year-old model admitted he was very nervous, because never before Samba danced together. Black beauty on the eve of specially took lessons incendiary dance. The chariot on which Campbell danced, drove 700 meters, and all the while the audience is met supermodel applause.

School Portela, advocated by Naomi, represented by the UN and promoted a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, in the final Campbell’s heart stops when she sang the song “Eight ways to change the world”. Carnival in Rio is the time of merriment, which is closely in the walls of houses, clubs, stadiums. The action captures in the whirlwind of all the population, regardless of status, religion, skin color.

The main law of the carnival all have fun! And Brazilians love him obey. More than a week nobody works, although officially the carnival lasts four days. The crowd of half-dressed, reincarnated in the most unusual images of people walking the streets day and night.

Perhaps no one knows how to relax and enjoy life as the cariocas – the indigenous inhabitants of Rio. They couldn’t stand the sad faces, and it is impossible to remember the troubles in the midst of so General fun. Carnival celebrations last for three days and three nights. Three days and three nights of flying dreams and imagination. Three days and three nights of oblivion, and letting go of all that poisons life. This is a period of enjoyment, the main value of human existence is freedom.

There’s an old Brazilian song that many Brazilians live to old age only carnival, eagerly counting the days until it starts. And when it comes time to die, do not regret the missed opportunities, and missed the carnivals.

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