Brazilian carnival

One of the most spectacular events that attracts people from all over the world – carnival in Brazil. For Brazilians, who are born and live in the rhythm of Samba, this is the main event of the year, during which you can demonstrate their dancing skills and to show imagination, and most importantly, good fun. The carnival is part of the mentality of the inhabitants of the Latin American country

The roots of Brazilian carnival rooted in the ritual dances of the slaves who were brought here when their Black Africa. For several centuries their dances evolved, developed, changed. By the mid-twentieth century formed a separate school dances, and there was a tradition to compose music for a magnificent carnival. Every year the radio station for several months broadcast a new tune, which the inhabitants of the country soon know by heart.

From the history of the carnival

How originated the carnival in Brazil, still arguing scientists, offering various explanations. It is believed that the word “Carnival” comes from Latin roots meaning “meat” and “goodbye”. This holiday is celebrated 40 days before Holy week, after Great lent begins. Before advancing ascetic way of life, corresponding to the religious laws, the population of the country had the opportunity to have fun, not looking back at the rules.

The tradition of carnival

Carnival in Brazil combines the traditions of different ethnic groups and cultures. There is in it something from the Portuguese tradition, including “Toy of the day”, during which the girls could flirt with the boys and dance.

Italian immigrants also made their small contribution to the Brazilian tradition, which is not surprising, because in their home country was famous Venice carnival. But the biggest impact this show has had African slaves, who dances and carnival a certain flavor.

Brazilian Samba

So, gradually, at the crossroads of different cultures developed the now-famous Brazilian carnival and Samba dance. In every age celebration occupied an important place in the culture. During the reign of strict Catholic religion to the Brazilian carnival was the outlet, allowing plenty of fun, at least for a day to forget about the harsh rules. At the same time, dance has helped preserve native folk traditions with which fiercely fought the Church.

The carnival is a symbol of Brazil, where he met such diverse cultures, interesting way sintezirovany one, very original and like nothing on earth

Magical miracle

Carnival in Brazil is a storm of emotions, so the timing is quite conditional. Technically it starts on the Saturday before Lent and ends within five days before Quarta-feira de cinzas – “Ash Wednesday”. Passed the carnival in Rio de Janeiro once a year, in February. It’s the height of summer in the southern hemisphere.

Modern carnival

Modern carnival is not improvisation, and carefully rehearsed pageantry. Participates in it to thousands of people at a time. Among the deafening music and the rumble of percussion singers perform live dance tunes. They are composed of two verses and two refrains that are repeated endlessly.

The festival begins with the fact that the mayor hands over the keys of his “Empire” King of the carnival. For the whole 4 days that makes him the master of the city. For procession dancers built a special platform with a length of 700 metres with stands and boxes. They can accommodate more than 70 thousand spectators.

Samba school

Here is a dance battle found the best Samba school in the country, demonstrating the original sets, costumes and your dancing skills. Schools are in a strict sequence. Carnival in Brazil is also accompanied by beauty pageants and masquerades, where choosing the best costumes.

Carnival procession

It lasts a carnival procession until the morning, and ends with the Parade of Champions, which selects the jury. Among the criteria is the theme and spirit of the team, and the scenery and, of course, the mastery of dance. In order to win the hearts of judges and audience members are preparing for a year. While preparing to spend up to 40 tons of pressed paper, 80 thousand meters of fabric, 6 thousand liters of paint, and tons of glue, nails, and other materials.

In other cities of the Brazilian carnival no less colorful, it goes almost throughout Brazil. The most famous carnivals in Brazil after Rio de Janeiro held in Salvador (state of Bahia), Recife and Olinda (Pernambuco), Ouro Preto, Mariana and Diamantina (Minas Gerais state).

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