Best Japanese festivals and events


Cherry Blossom Viewing .

From mid-March to early may, the cherry blossoms wave sweeps in Japan . towards the North, symbolizing the coming of spring with an explosion of exquisite rose petals. Bloom plunges the country into a frenzy, with TV channels informing about the distribution of flowering in Japan, and the people arranging picnics and even party under the shadow of Sakura. You can feel as if the whole country said, “Hooray, it’s finally spring!”.

In Tokyo, Ueno Park is a popular place for a picnic or a party, watching the cherry Blossoms (usually early April). If you want to enjoy the beautiful view — Maruyama Park . located behind the temple Yasaka . suitable for this is the best.

Sanja Matsuri in Tokyo .

In Tokyo, many festivals, but none of them compares to Sanja-Matsuri . Each may, the streets of Asakusa are filled with life, in anticipation of the beginning of one of the largest and most fun parades of mikoshi ( portable temples). Hundreds of thousands of observers are going to look at the majestic temple, which is on their shoulders are carrying 160 people.

In addition to the mikoshi . the festival offers a variety of food and parades, all accompanied by traditional music.


Gion Matsuri in Kyoto .

The cause of Gion Matsuri . the biggest festival in Kyoto . quite unusual. It begins with a prayer for deliverance from the plague 869. Fortunately, now it has become much more fun. In its current form, the festival lasts the whole month of July, with the main events taking place from 14 to 17 the number and culminating in a parade of 32 ornate ferries with musicians in traditional clothes.

All these four days in most areas it is forbidden to use cars so that people can safely enjoy the holiday. Kyoto is beautiful during the festival, but if you at it you have to get in advance to rent a room in the hotel (for a month).

Tenjin Matsuri in Osaka

Residents of Osaka know how to put on a show. A good example is the Tenjin Matsuri . they are celebrating for the past 10 centuries. The festival is celebrated on June 24-25 at the temple Tenman-gu (although it spreads throughout the city). The festival includes many different activities, from bunraku puppet show to musical performances kagura . however, the Central are two events. First — a parade of 3 thousand people, dressed in the style of the Imperial court 8-12 centuries, marching through the city with a mikoshi . Second, more epic event — is a fusion of those 3 thousand people on the river in decorated boats with lighted lanterns. All this is accompanied by mass launches 4 thousand fireworks.

Sumidagawa Fireworks in Tokyo

Launch fireworks in Japan . on the last Saturday of July, is a separate holiday. At the end of the month 20000 fireworks soar into the sky and explode with noise, illuminating the Sumida river rainbow colors. With the colors in the sky are similar only robes that can be seen on many people in the crowd.

If you for some reason missed the fireworks Sumidagawa or want even, on Tokyo Bay in August is the launch of 12,000 fireworks.

Awa-Odori in Tokushima

None of the Japanese festival there is so much unbridled fun, how much is the folk dance festival Awa-adori in Tokushima . celebrate from 12 to 15 August. Dated to 1587 (year built Tokushima castle), Awa-adori each year attracts almost 100,000 dancers and ten times more viewers. The dances themselves are characterized by unusual movements and dynamic rhythm. During the festival, groups of beautifully dressed women and men dancing in the streets under Tokushima musical mix of drums, flutes, gongs and the three-stringed sensenow.

If you get to the festival, don’t forget to bring your dance shoes — night to dance and everyone can. Rough translation Awa-Odori means “you’re an idiot if you dance, and idiot if you don’t dance so you can dance”


Reitaisai in Kamakura

Reitaisai Festival . we celebrate every year in the temple, Tsurugaoka Hachiman Shrine from 14 to 16 September — as a tradition and a demonstration of skills. As with most festivals, there is dancing, plenty of food and music. But the most eye-catching event for which the festival has gained fame, it’s a competition horse archers – yasubame . held on the last day of the festival. In the competition riders demonstrate the skills of horse riding and archery. Dressed in hunting samurai armor they gallop by horses release their arrows right on target. A fascinating spectacle.

Grand Autumn Festival in Nikko

This festival is supposedly a reproduction of the coronation of the first shogun — Tokugawa Ieyasu .

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