Argentine Carnival in Gualeguaychu


In this article I will show finally Argentine girls. Besides, girls are almost naked. And most importantly I will show, finally, the promotion of healthy, heterosexual relationships, and not all sorts of sexual perversions. Few people know, but the main Argentine carnival in Gualeguaychú, is considered one of the best in the world, on a par with the Brazilian carnival in Rio de Janeiro. So that’s that, and to celebrate the Argentines love and know how! This carnival I drive tourists, and you can order from me round trip, which will include not only the carnival, but also various other components, such as relaxing in the thermal pools, visit to the place where they make decorations for the carnival, or even a visit to the old believers within the mini-tour in Uruguay. Here I show the face of carnival, and in other parts you will see carnival buttocks and scenery. a children’s carnival in the city of Ibarreta .

In Argentina there is a special carnival city. It is located three hours away from Buenos Aires, and the name of Gualeguaychu (Gualeguaychu). Unlike the Brazilian carnival in Rio, the carnival purely national, that is, the majority of visitors – same Argentines who come here from across the country. The carnival takes place in two months: January and February, every night from Saturday to Sunday. Show starts at 22 hours, and ends at 3 am. In Gualeguaychu Argentines come one day, and go to one of nearby centers for recreation. For example this one with pools and thermal water. When I take tourists to the carnival we go and here

The city has other things to do besides thermal pools: you can stroll along the riverside promenade, boating and water bikes, eat at restaurants and take a ride on a public bus

In fact, the Gualeguaychú comes to life only for 2 months a year: in January and February. At this time, converges here for the weekend, without exaggeration, the whole of Argentina

Very often flash ads “room”, “apartment”. And of course, there are a few hotels that all the other 10 months of the year are empty. The city lives only for the carnival.

In the city on Saturday even traffic jams and Parking problems from the influx of people

There are absolutely meaningless, like a public bus “city tour”. And even on the bus these two months there is some demand, so as to carry tourists here absolutely nowhere, the bus just crawls hour on the waterfront at a speed of 5 km/h

But the main thing in the city is the stadium, or more precisely of karstrom, so here is a special construction for carnival. It was built in 1997 specifically for carnivals, sizes it is simply fantastic, it accommodates up to 40 thousand people. It is the second largest of karstrom in South America. First – guess where.

Karstrom, or as it is also called the sambadrome, similar to a conventional stadium, only very extended in length

The show starts, start walking artists

This carnival is not the party for foreigners, type tango Show. or Fiesta Gaucho. but the real Argentinian feast for the Argentines. Therefore, the emotion and fun, and even artists there are real, natural and not fake


At first it seems that all this makes no sense. Just naked people in the feathers go to the music and dance. But then you realize that each group of people represents someone. For example, here. Mongolian ninja.

The house, examining the  from the carnival, I found that for some reason a lot of the artists protruding tongues. What would it mean.

I heard that dogs and draw out the tongue for proper thermoregulation of the body. Maybe carnival inspires some animal instincts?

Argentina is a country that respects the rights of all. Therefore, every carnival is now released into the arena and men disguised as women.

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