5 the world’s most famous carnivals

The most enchanting and colourful celebration on earth is a carnival. The average layman is known only to a couple of the most popular. Actually, countries, carnivals where they spend quite a lot. Moreover, they occur mostly in the winter. So, if leave is given, for example, in February, and not so familiar and favorite in the summer, do not worry. Pack your suitcase and go there, where raging celebration of life.

Rio de Janeiro Carnival in Rio de Janeiro is No. 1 in the world of carnivals. He is known throughout the world and is perhaps the most impressive. The Brazilians are preparing for it all year. For the holiday special built sambadrome. Many Samba schools are moving on it. Ahead of going platform, which recently began to manage manually. Earlier in the movement brought her special mechanisms. However, after the accident, when the platform hit people, it was decided to protect the participants and spectators. On the platform, around her — everywhere dance school representatives in bright costumes that are sometimes just hard to bear. Costumes, platform and all decorated in the same theme. Over a certain amount you will not only see the carnival, but to become a direct participant. You will be given a costume that will show basic movement Samba, and you will be part of an enchanting holiday. Carnival in Venice is, of course, a completely different atmosphere. Venice carnival is steeped mysterious spirit of history. The symbol of the carnival is the mask, because in medieval times it was used constantly. This was done in order to hide the face or during a romantic encounter, or for committing crimes. And to remove the mask from the person, without his consent, was strictly forbidden. During carnival time recreated ceremonies, which existed in Venice from the middle ages to the 18th century. Interesting fact, the first mention of the Venice carnival are 1094. Roots, he goes to Ancient Rome, when in the “eternal city” was held a festival dedicated to Saturn. In those days slaves were allowed to sit at the same table with the patricians. Hence the presence of masks, so it was not clear who to which class belongs. Carnival in New Orleans an American city in Louisiana is famous for its French charm. Holiday saturated colors purple, gold and green. Symbols of justice, faith and power. Holiday atmosphere if transfers into the 18th century. Since 6 January, for two weeks, arranged daily procession of chariots, masks, huge pies. The climax of the festival is Tuesday, which is called “fat”. Special people walking through the city hand in hand with famous guests of the carnival, throw into the crowd, beads, necklaces and Souvenirs. The carnival in Oruro, This carnival was little known to Europeans. However, it is the most popular in Latin America. Held in the Bolivian city of Oruro and combines religious component along with Gentile. It is the combination of ancient Indian traditions with the traditions of Catholic Spain. Dances, marches, African-American dancing… Since 2001, UNESCO declared the carnival in Oruro — the heritage of humanity. Carnival in nice nice Carnival is the biggest winter event on the French Riviera. The streets chariot ride, next living dolls marching and brass bands. For viewers who come in costumes, the entrance is free. The party goes on day and night. You can also visit the capital of France. It is enough just to book tours to Paris in Addition to the above, also worthy of attention such carnivals, the carnival in Tenerife, Cadiz, in the Belgian town of Binche and the progenitor of the Brazilian carnival — carnival in Portugal. In any case, what a holiday and the country you choose, carnival, no doubt, has always been and will remain a highlight, capable of impressing even the most experienced traveler.

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