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Sausage and listen to music

With the onset of autumn soul and spoiling in search of adventure and emotions – and where to get them, as not at music festivals?

Reeperbahn Festival is an amazing event, held in Hamburg for the first year, and all the time came on the scene over 10’000 modern groups.

As deftly pointed out by the organizers is a kind of seismograph of contemporary musical culture; it attracts groups from all over the world, representatives of various areas to present their work. Many talented and not so popular yet groups can discover these kinds of festivals than me, as a music lover, the Reeperbahn attracts.

Eat, drink and be merry

International Hop and Beer Festival . held in the Belgian town of Poperinge every year on the third September weekend – a great alternative to the German Oktoberfest.

Amazing parades, the parades, the Queen of Hops, a lot of beer and all sorts of competitions – that’s what’s expected of participants guests of West Flanders.

To be touched and admired

Fire and water – two of the most fascinating elements. On the lantern festival in Jinju residents and guests of the city will be able to enjoy them, letting the lanterns on the waters of the river Namhan.

Besides the possibility to admire this splendid show, every participant will be able to learn the history of this festival and to launch his “light dreams”. And, of course, going to South Korea. I would certainly dare to try their traditional dishes.

Sunbathing and swimming

But if the fall will pull in warm countries, there is nothing easier, than to go to Tunisia. where the beach season lasts until the end of October. This is an interesting alternative to bored Egypt. where, however, basking on the beach all year round.

And if you want exotic you can go to Thailand and enjoy the amazing Oriental flavor, lie on white sandy beaches and taste the original dishes.

Don’t forget about the attractions of Thailand, which will not leave indifferent even those who have never considered themselves to be connoisseurs of architecture.

No less interest is Sri Lanka. where better to go in late fall: at the end of October there is dry and warm weather, which contributes to a wonderful relaxing holiday on the coast.

On the Internet a lot autumn inexpensive and interesting tours – choose whatever you wish.

To make unique photos

And outdoor enthusiasts, I would advise to go to Africa in the autumn. In Tanzania you will be able to observe the migration of animals, get a lot of unforgettable impressions and emotions and, of course, hundreds of photos, which can not boast of any one your friend!

Drying seems too boring? Then go to Djibouti and discover the wonders of the underwater world. It is here that divers come to see whale sharks. which sail to the East coast of Africa in search of plankton from October to January.

To prepare for the winter

If we wait for winter to ski, no strength, then you can go to Austria. in sölden, where in mid-September start to open some ski resorts.

There are slopes of different difficulty levels, so to go to Solden may both experienced skiers and inexperienced newcomers.

Enjoy and learn

But descend from the mountains in magical Europe, which is waiting for the guests and cordially invites you to participate in one of the food tours, and you will not regret it! Pasta lovers will Florence: master classes by chefs, fine dining and Italian charm.

No less interesting wine-gastronomic tour of France. where travelers will enjoy delicious wines and local cuisine from chefs professionals.

Sweet tooth is also worth to go to Belgium in the “chocolate” tour, where they will be able to attend master classes of cooking chocolate, walk around the Museum and, of course, to visit the best chocolate stores.

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